2. Neighborhood Vision

Kingsgate’s character is predominately low density residential with a small neighborhood feel. In addition to efforts in preserving affordable housing, varied housing choices help to expand housing opportunities for all residents within the neighborhood. Local residents value the Kingsgate mixed use commercial center as a way to meet their shopping and service needs and as a community gathering place. A community center and public library provide a place for public events and activities. Improved and well maintained parks in each part of the neighborhood offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Trees are preserved or replaced to provide a consistent vegetative canopy throughout the neighborhood, connect greenbelt corridors and support wildlife.

Transportation facilities for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians provide extensive access within the neighborhood, to other neighborhoods, and to the Cross Kirkland Corridor/Eastside Rail Corridor. These facilities include bike greenways with signage and markers along neighborhood roads parallel to major streets. Through road connections spread traffic evenly throughout the neighborhood. Traffic calming improvements on neighborhood streets are installed as needed to ensure safety near schools, and to minimize “by-pass” traffic due to congestion along the I-405 corridor. Transit service provides frequent bus service within the neighborhood and to the rest of the City.