8. Urban Design

Policy K-15: Promote high quality site design, provide streetscape improvements throughout the neighborhood, and develop gateway features that strengthen the identity of the neighborhood.

Urban design features for the neighborhood include activity nodes at the Kingsgate neighborhood commercial center area and at the schools and parks. Gateways into the neighborhood are at the north and south entrances of 124nd Ave NE, at the south entrance of 132nd Ave NE and at the east entrance of NE 143rd Place. The two power lines are also noted as visual urban features. See Figure K-7, Kingsgate Urban Design Features.

Good urban design contributes to the overall quality and identity of a neighborhood. Important elements include building and site design, building materials, parking area locations, signage, landscaping and vegetative buffers, lighting, and use of art. Gateway features provide identity to the Kingsgate neighborhood and a wayfinding landmark. See goals and policies in the Community Character Element chapter of the Comprehensive Plan.

See discussion under the Land Use section relating to design review for the Kingsgate neighborhood commercial center.

The Zoning Code contains regulations that ensure good site design, siting of commercial parking areas, signage standards, requirements for tree retention, commercial landscaping and vegetative buffers, and shielding of exterior lights. These regulations support good urban design.

Private development for commercial, subdivisions, and multifamily developments should dedicate land and install the gateway features located in the areas noted on Figure K-7, Kingsgate Urban Design Features, as part of future development. In some instances public investment may be necessary. Depending on the location, improvements such as landscaping, signs, structures, or other features that identify the neighborhood could be included.

Figure K-6: Kingsgate Bicycle System

Figure K-7: Kingsgate Urban Design Features