52.14 User Guide – JBD 2 zones.

The charts in KZC 52.17 contain the basic zoning regulations that apply in the JBD 2 zones of the City. Use these charts by reading down the left hand column entitled Use. Once you locate the use in which you are interested, read across to find the regulations that apply to that use.

Section 52.15


The following regulations apply to all uses in this zone unless otherwise noted:

1.     Refer to Chapter 1 KZC to determine what other provisions of this code may apply to the subject property.

2.    Must provide a public pedestrian access easement if the Planning Official determines that it will furnish a pedestrian connection or part of a connection between 98th Avenue NE and 100th Avenue NE. Pathway improvements will also be required if the easement will be used immediately. No more than two complete connections shall be required.

3.    The maximum height of structures on the subject property may be increased by up to 13 feet if a view corridor is maintained across 30 percent of the average parcel width for the portion of the building above 26 feet. The corridor will be located to provide the widest view corridor given development on adjacent properties to the north and south.


4.    See Chapters 100 and 162 KZC for information about nonconforming signs. KZC 162.35 describes when nonconforming signs must be brought into conformance or removed (does not apply to Public Parks uses).


5.    May also be regulated under the Shoreline Master Program; refer to Chapter 83 KZC.

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