53.80 User Guide.

The charts in KZC 53.84 contain the basic zoning regulations that apply in the RH 8 zone of the City. Use these charts by reading down the left hand column entitled Use. Once you locate the use in which you are interested, read across to find the regulations that apply to that use.

Section 53.82


The following regulations apply to all uses in this zone unless otherwise noted:

1.     Refer to Chapter 1 KZC to determine what other provisions of this code may apply to the subject property.

2.     Development creating four or more new dwelling units that includes lots or portions of lots adjoining 131st Avenue NE or 132nd Avenue NE that are located more than 120 feet north of NE 85th Street shall provide at least 10 percent of the units as affordable housing units as defined in Chapter 5 KZC. See Chapter 112 KZC for additional affordable housing incentives and requirements.

3.     For structures located within 30 feet of a parcel in a low density zone (or a low density use in PLA 17), KZC 115.136 establishes additional limitations on structure size.

4.    On lots that are not abutting NE 85th Street or are not consolidated with at least one lot abutting NE 85th Street, development shall be subject to the permitted uses and regulations in the RSX zone, except that isolated parcels may be developed independently with office use.

5.    If the lot area of the subject property is equal to or greater than 18,000 square feet, maximum building height is 35 feet above average building elevation, except maximum building height is 30 feet within 30 feet of an RSX zone, on lots located more than 120 feet north of NE 85th Street, between 132nd Avenue NE and parcels abutting 131st Avenue NE.


6.    The street level floor of all structures on the subject property shall be a minimum of 15 feet in height. This requirement does not apply to:

a.    The following uses: vehicle service stations, automotive service centers, private lodges or clubs, stacked dwelling units, churches, schools, day-care centers, mini-schools or mini-day-care centers, assisted living facilities, convalescent centers or nursing homes, public utilities, government facilities or community facilities.

b.    Parking garages.

c.    Additions to existing nonconforming development where the Planning Official determines it is not feasible.


7.    Within required front yards, canopies and similar entry features may encroach; provided, that the total horizontal dimension of such elements may not exceed 25 percent of the length of the structure.


8.    Some development standards or design regulations may be modified as part of the design review process. See Chapters 92 and 142 KZC for requirements.


9.    The Public Works Official shall approve the number, location and characteristics of driveways on NE 85th Street in accordance with the driveway and sight distance policies contained in the Public Works Pre-Approved Plans manual. Taking into consideration the characteristics of this corridor, the Public Works Official may:

a.    Require access from side streets; and/or

b.    Encourage properties to share driveways, circulation and parking areas; and/or

c.    Restrict access to right turn in and out; or

d.    Prohibit access altogether along NE 85th Street.




10.    Drive-through and drive-in facilities are not permitted in this zone.


11.    See Chapters 100 and 162 KZC for information about nonconforming signs. KZC 162.35 describes when nonconforming signs must be brought into conformance or removed.


12.    For lighting requirements associated with development see KZC 115.85(2).


13.    Prior to any of the following uses occupying a structure on a property adjoining a residential zone, the applicant shall submit a noise study prepared by a qualified acoustical consultant for approval by the Planning Official:

•    Establishments expected to operate past 9:00 p.m.

•    Retail establishment providing entertainment, recreational or cultural activities.

•    Veterinary offices.

•    Any establishment where animals are kept on site.

•    Establishments involving a large truck loading dock for deliveries.

    The study shall verify that the noise expected to emanate from the site adjoining any residential-zoned property complies with the standards specified in KZC 115.95(1) and (2) and WAC 173-60-040(1) for a Class B source property and a Class A receiving property.


14.    A City entryway feature shall be provided on the parcel located at the northwest corner of the intersection of NE 85th Street and 132nd Avenue, or adjacent parcel under common ownership with such parcel. Entryway features shall include such elements as: a sign, art, landscaping and lighting. See Chapter 92 KZC, Design Regulations.

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