55.17 User Guide – TL 2 zone.

The charts in KZC 55.21 contain the basic zoning regulations that apply in the TL 2 zone of the City. Use these charts by reading down the left hand column entitled Use. Once you locate the use in which you are interested, read across to find the regulations that apply to that use.

Section 55.19


The following regulations apply to all uses in this zone unless otherwise noted:

1.    Refer to Chapter 1 KZC to determine what other provision of this code may apply to the subject property.

2.    In addition to the height exceptions established in KZC 115.60, the following exceptions to height regulations in TL 2 are established:

a.    Decorative parapets may exceed the height limit by a maximum of four feet; provided, that the average height of the parapet around the perimeter of the structure shall not exceed two feet.

b.    For structures with a sloped roof, the peak may extend eight feet above the height limit if the slope of the roof is equal to or greater than four feet vertical to 12 feet horizontal.

3.    The applicant shall install at least one through-block pathway pursuant to the standards in KZC 105.19 from Totem Lake Boulevard to 120th Avenue NE, between the upper and lower portions of TL 2 and within TL 2 where necessary to strengthen the pedestrian connections to streets between buildings, parking areas and public spaces. Pedestrian connections to surrounding uses, including the Transit Center, the Evergreen Hospital Medical Center campus and to the TL 1 zone shall also be provided.

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