55.47 User Guide – TL 7 zone.

The charts in KZC 55.51 contain the basic zoning regulations that apply in the TL 7 zone of the City. Use these charts by reading down the left hand column entitled Use. Once you locate the use in which you are interested, read across to find the regulations that apply to that use.

Section 55.49


The following regulations apply to all uses in this zone unless otherwise noted:

1.    Refer to Chapter 1 KZC to determine what other provisions of this code may apply to the subject property.

2.    A hazardous liquid pipeline extends through the TL 7 zone. Refer to Chapter 118 KZC for regulations pertaining to properties near hazardous liquid pipelines.

3.    In TL 7A, Design Review, Chapter 142 KZC. In TL 7B, any development activities requiring Design Review approval pursuant to KZC 142.15 in this zone shall be reviewed through Administrative Design Review (ADR), pursuant to KZC 142.25. The guidelines contained in the Design Guidelines for the Totem Lake Business District, adopted by KMC 3.30.040, shall be applied in lieu of the design regulations in Chapter 92 KZC.

4.    Access for drive-through facilities must be approved by the Public Works Official. See Chapter 105 KZC for requirements.

5.    Some development standards or design regulations may be modified as part of the design review process. See Chapters 92 and 142 KZC for requirements.

6.    Development adjoining the Cross Kirkland Corridor or Eastside Rail Corridor shall comply with the standards of KZC 115.24.

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