Chapter 14.24


14.24.010    Purpose.

14.24.020    Record of survey.

14.24.030    Record of monument.

*    Editor’s Note: Prior Ordinance History: Ord. 51 (1973).

14.24.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to implement the Survey Recording Act (Chapter 50, Laws of 1973) and to assist in preserving evidence of land surveys by establishing fees for recording a public record as prescribed by the act.

(Ord. 51-B (1996) § 1, 1996: Ord. 51-A (1992) § 1, 1992)

14.24.020 Record of survey.

(a)    The record of land surveys shall be eighteen inches by twenty-four inches and filed according to the fee schedule authorized by Chapter 36.22 RCW. Currently, as follows:

(1)    Basic fee, first page, twenty-six dollars;

(2)    Each additional page, five dollars.

(b)    Copies of the record of survey shall be provided on request to the following fee schedule:

(1)    Basic fee, first page, five dollars;

(2)    Each additional page, three dollars.

(Ord. 51-B (1996) §§ 2, 3, 1996: Ord. 51-A (1992) §§ 2, 3, 1992)

14.24.030 Record of monument.

(a)    The record of monument shall be filed without charge on the standard form prescribed by the Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Surveys and Maps.

(b)    Copies of the record of monument shall be provided on request according to the following fee schedule:

(1)    Basic fee, two dollars.

(Ord. 51-B (1996) §§ 4, 5, 1996: Ord. 51-A (1992) §§ 4, 5, 1992)