Chapter 17.130


17.130.010    Purpose.

17.130.020    Uses permitted and design standards.

17.130.030    Special provisions.

17.130.010 Purpose.

This zone promotes low-density residential development and agricultural activities that are consistent with rural character. It is applied to areas that are relatively unconstrained by environmentally sensitive areas or other significant landscape features. These areas are provided with limited public services.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.130.020 Uses permitted and design standards.

A.    Uses Permitted. Section 17.410.042, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones use table, shall determine the allowed uses and permits required for parcels in the rural residential zone except for parcels located within the boundary of the Port Gamble redevelopment plan approved pursuant to Section 17.360C.030. These parcels shall refer to Appendix F to determine allowed uses, permits required, and definitions; all other chapters of Kitsap County Code or an approved development agreement not included in Appendix F shall still apply.

B.    Design Standards: Section 17.420.052, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones density and dimensions table.

1.    Density;

2.    Lot dimensions;

3.    Lot coverage standards;

4.    Height regulations;

5.    Setbacks.

C.    Chapter 17.105, Interpretations and Exceptions.

D.    Chapter 17.440, Master Planning.

E.    Chapter 17.450, Performance Based Development.

F.    Chapter 17.490, Off-Street Parking and Loading.

G.    Chapter 17.500, Landscaping.

H.    Chapter 17.510, Sign Code.

I.    Chapter 17.580, Transfer of Development Rights.

(Ord. 611 (2022) § 168, 2022; Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.130.030 Special provisions.


(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)