Chapter 19.500


19.500.505    Purpose.

19.500.505 Purpose.

The purpose of this section is to protect the public health, safety and welfare from harm caused by flooding. It is also the intent to prevent damage and/or loss to both public and private property. In addition, this section will give special consideration to anadromous fish habitat in combination with Chapter 19.300, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas and Title 22, Shoreline Master Program. To fulfill this purpose, Kitsap County uses Title 15 (Flood Hazard Areas), adopted by reference, which designates special flood hazard areas and establishes permit requirements for these areas.

In addition, the Kitsap County geographic information system (GIS) database for critical drainage areas, as defined in Title 12 (Storm Water Drainage), will be included for areas of review under frequently flooded areas.

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