Chapter 21.01


21.01.010    Introduction.

21.01.010 Introduction.

This title guides clients seeking to develop land, change development regulations or make changes to the Comprehensive Plan (and sub-area plans). The department of community development (DCD) recognizes that applying for permits and making changes to codes and policies has gotten ever complex.

DCD encourages any applicant to consider the definitions noted in Chapter 21.02, Definitions. Please be aware that there may be more than one way to show a definition or alternative words being used for definition.

Chapter 21.04, Project Permit Application Procedures, is the processing engine for DCD. It is the code by which DCD measures its success in meeting requirements of state regulations, departmental performance objectives and client expectations. By the very nature of the complexity of land use development, the chapter is written with the development community, or our frequent users, in mind. However, DCD has tried to make the chapter as understandable and friendly to use as possible. To assist the public, DCD encourages the review of the chapter in its entirety. If time is of the essence, DCD encourages that applicants review:

A.    Section 21.04.010, Purpose, and Section 21.04.020, Applicability, to understand how the chapter is to be used;

B.    Section 21.04.030, Roles and responsibilities, to acknowledge performance expectations of both the department and the client;

C.    Section 21.04.120, Project and application assistance, to be made aware of the types of assistance that a client can pay for to help in the submittal of a quality application;

D.    Section 21.04.100, Review authority table, and Section 21.04.110, Procedural Summary Table, to see how a proposed project permit application would be treated;

E.    Section 21.04.150, Vesting – Project modification, to understand how projects become tied to code; and

F.    Section 21.04.290, Appeals, and Section 21.04.300, Mediation, to review how decisions may be handled and what alternatives exist to resolving dispute.

The regulations by which changes to development code and the Comprehensive Plan, including any sub-area plan, may be made are housed in Chapter 21.08, Legislative Action Procedures. These activities are docketed by the board of county commissioners and typically required to be bundled together for holistic consideration at one time, often the end of the year. The docket often enables (or, conversely, disallows) site-specific amendments to be considered by the department. Clients who wish to consider using the chapter are advised to contact DCD first.

(Ord. 490 (2012) § 3 (Att. 1), 2012)