Chapter 46.02


46.02.010    Adoption of Washington Model Traffic Ordinance.

46.02.020    Adoption of certain statutes.

46.02.030    Speed limits on unposted roads.

46.02.035    Speed limits in school zones.

46.02.040    RCW 46.61.150 amended – Pedestrians.

46.02.050    Inattentive driving.

46.02.060    Inattentive driving – Violation – Penalty.

46.02.010 Adoption of Washington Model Traffic Ordinance.*

The Washington Model Traffic Ordinance, codified as Chapter 308-330 of the Washington Administrative Code, is adopted by reference and such adoption by reference shall include all additions, deletions, and amendments made to the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance by the legislature since the time that the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance was passed and such adoption by reference shall automatically include any additions, deletions, and amendments hereafter made by the legislature to the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance as allowed by WAC 308-330-010; except, the following sections of the Washington Model Traffic Ordinance are excluded from the adoption by reference and, therefore, not adopted: WAC 308-330-500, WAC 308-330-505, WAC 308-330-510, WAC 308-330-515, WAC 308-330-520, WAC 308-330-525, WAC 308-330-530, WAC 308-330-535, WAC 308-330-540, WAC 308-330-560.

(Ord. 68 (1976) § 1, 1976)

*    Editor’s Note: At the time of the 2000 republication of this code, this section was editorially amended, at the direction of the office of the prosecuting attorney, to reflect the fact that the Model Traffic Ordinance, which was originally codified as Chapter 46.90 RCW, is now codified as Chapter 308-330 WAC. See Title 1 of this code.

46.02.020 Adoption of certain statutes.

The following statutes are adopted by reference: RCW 46.52.088, RCW 46.61.072, RCW 46.61.202, RCW 46.61.215, RCW 46.61.264, RCW 46.61.266, RCW 46.61.269, RCW 46.61.540, RCW 46.61.606, RCW 46.61.608, RCW 46.61.614, RCW 46.64.017.

(Ord. 68 (1976) § 2, 1976)

46.02.030 Speed limits on unposted roads.

It is unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to operate such vehicle in excess of twenty-five miles per hour on any county road which is not otherwise posted.The public works department shall have the authority to post or not post local access roads as appropriate with speed limit signs for 25 mph.

(Ord. 366 (2006) § 1, 2006: Ord. 68 (1976) § 3, 1976)

46.02.035 Speed limits in school zones.

The traffic engineer, after an engineering and/or traffic investigation, is authorized to establish and post appropriate speed limits no further than three hundred feet beyond the school property line and not lower than 20 m.p.h. on county roads that pass by public and private schools in Kitsap County.

(Ord. 314 (2003) § 1, 2003)

46.02.040 RCW 46.61.250 amended – Pedestrians.

RCW 46.61.250, as that statute is adopted by reference in Section 46.02.010 of this code, is amended as follows:

(1)    Where sidewalks are provided it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to be upon an adjacent roadway.

(2)    Where sidewalks are not provided any pedestrian shall, when practicable, walk only on the left side of the roadway or its shoulder facing traffic which may approach from the opposite direction and any pedestrian, upon meeting or encountering an oncoming vehicle shall step clear of the roadway.

(Ord. 68-A (1983) § 1, 1983)

46.02.050 Inattentive driving.

It is unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle within the county in an inattentive manner. For the purposes of this section, “inattentive manner” means the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner which evidences a lack of the degree of attentiveness required to safely operate the vehicle under the prevailing conditions of the roadway, presence of other traffic, presence of pedestrians and weather conditions.

(Ord. 469 (2011) § 2 (part), 2011)

46.02.060 Inattentive driving – Violation – Penalty.

Violation of any of the provisions of Section 46.02.050 constitutes an infraction subject to the penalty of $138.00.

(Ord. 469 (2011) § 2 (part), 2011)