Chapter 46.37


46.37.010    Unmuffled compression brakes.

46.37.010 Unmuffled compression brakes.*

A.    Unmuffled Compression Brakes Prohibited. The application of unmuffled compression brakes in unincorporated Kitsap County is prohibited, except when necessary for the protection of persons and/or property, which cannot be avoided by application of an alternative braking system.

B.    Definition. “Unmuffled engine compression brake” means a motor vehicle brake which is activated or worked by the compression of the engine of a motor vehicle, and which is not effectively muffled to prevent excessive noise.

C.    Signs to be Posted. The director of public works shall post at reasonable locations upon the boundaries of the county signs indicating “Unmuffled Compression Brakes Prohibited,” or substantially similar wording. The director of public works shall have the authority to post signs pursuant to this chapter on roads in the unincorporated areas in response to reasonable requests from the community.

D.    Effective When. The prohibitions set forth in this chapter shall be in full force and effective immediately upon the posting of the appropriate signs.

E.    Violation – Penalty. Violation of this chapter shall constitute a traffic infraction, and shall be punished by a penalty of two hundred fifty dollars per violation.

(Ord. 235 (1999) (part), 1999)

*    Editor’s Note: § 46.37.010 was formerly titled “Use of compression brakes prohibited – Penalty.” It was derived from Ordinance 114 (1986), which ordinance was not specifically repealed by adoption of Ord. 235 (1999).