Chapter 2.36


2.36.010    Creation of a planning commission.

2.36.020    Appointment and terms.

2.36.030    Qualifications.

2.36.040    Discharge.

2.36.050    Organization, meetings and rules of the commission.

2.36.060    Powers of the planning commission.

2.36.070    Subcommittees authorized.

2.36.010 Creation of a planning commission.

The La Center planning commission (the commission) is created to consider and take actions consistent with Chapter 35.63 RCW and LCMC Title 18. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.020 Appointment and terms.

(1) The commission shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council.

(2) Each commission member shall serve a five-year term. As much as possible, each member should be appointed in a different year or for a lesser term so that no more than one or two appointments expire in any year. Within 30 calendar days after an appointment expires or a commission member resigns or is discharged, the mayor shall appoint a replacement member, subject to confirmation by the council. A replacement for a commission member who resigns or is discharged before his or her term expires shall fill the unexpired term of the member being replaced. The mayor may appoint a person to the commission for more than one term, subject to confirmation by the council. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.030 Qualifications.

A person must own land and/or reside in the urban growth boundary or city of La Center to serve on the commission. The commission should include a cross-section of the city population as much as possible. Commission members shall be selected without respect to political affiliations, and they shall serve without compensation. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.040 Discharge.

The mayor may discharge a commission member if that member misses more than three consecutive commission meetings or 20 percent or more of the meetings held in any 12-month period unless excused pursuant to rules adopted by the commission. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.050 Organization, meetings and rules of the commission.

The commission shall elect from its members a chairman and such other officers as it may determine it requires. The commission shall hold at least one regular meeting in each month for not less than nine months in each year. The commission shall adopt rules for transaction of business, for excusing member absences and for annual review of public input about potential changes to the comprehensive plan, and shall keep a written record of its meetings, resolutions, transactions, findings, and determinations. Such record shall be a public record. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.060 Powers of the planning commission.

(1) The planning commission shall have the power to recommend to the city council, after appropriate research, deliberation and public review pursuant to a Type IV process, legislation affecting planning and development in the city of La Center, including adoption and revision of a comprehensive land use plan and/or elements of that plan and implementing legislation, such as plans and regulations regarding zoning, land divisions, roads, natural resources, environmental review, impact fees and capital improvements.

(2) In the event the city hearings examiner(s) cannot timely review an application subject to the examiner’s jurisdiction for whatever reason, the planning commission or a subcommittee of the commission may carry out the powers and responsibilities of the examiner to process the application.

(3) The planning commission shall have such other powers as the city council may prescribe. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]

2.36.070 Subcommittees authorized.

The planning commission may create subcommittees to advise the full commission; provided, all meetings of the commission and its subcommittees shall be public. [Ord. 98-2 § 1(a)(3), 1998.]


Prior legislation: Ord. XII-1-1.