Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Applicability and exemption.

2.52.020    Benefits provided exempt employees.

2.52.030    Annual evaluation.

2.52.040    Application of the Personnel Policy and Employee Manual.

2.52.050    Compensation.

2.52.060    Administrative leave.

2.52.010 Applicability and exemption.

The exempt employees that are subject to this chapter shall be the positions of chief of police, public works director, clerk/treasurer and finance director (collectively the “exempt employees”). These positions shall be administratively exempt under 29 CFR Part 541.2 (Fair Labor Standards Act), from the payment of overtime or the accrual of compensatory time. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]

2.52.020 Benefits provided exempt employees.

Unless provided otherwise in a written employment agreement, exempt employees shall be afforded benefits, leaves and any cost of living increases (COLA) as provided for other employees generally in a collective bargaining agreement. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]

2.52.030 Annual evaluation.

Exempt employees serve at the pleasure of the mayor, who shall review and evaluate the performance of exempt employees at least once per year. Exempt employees will be provided a written summary of the evaluation and afforded opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the mayor. An employee may be disciplined or terminated by the mayor for cause, which shall be a material deviation from, or violation of any provision of, the employee’s job description or the Personnel Policy and Employee Manual. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]

2.52.040 Application of the Personnel Policy and Employee Manual.

The Personnel Policy and Employee Manual, as amended from time to time, shall apply to all city employees, including exempt employees. Additionally, any other ordinances or resolutions adopted by the city council shall apply to employees and exempt employees according to the terms of those enactments. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]

2.52.050 Compensation.

Annual compensation for exempt employees shall be established by adoption of the city’s annual budget. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]

2.52.060 Administrative leave.

Exempt employees shall receive 12 days (96 hours) paid administrative leave per year in addition to regular vacation days and holidays as allowed by this chapter. The 12 administrative leave days shall be granted January 1st of each year and must be used by December 31st of the same year. Unused administrative leave days cannot be accrued and forwarded to the next year. [Ord. 2010-08 § 3, 2010.]


Prior legislation: Ords. 96-4 and 97-12.