Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Definitions.

2.60.020    Background.

2.60.030    Access to public buildings and facilities.

2.60.040    Employment.

2.60.010 Definitions.

(1) “Disability” means any physical, mental, emotional disability, real or perceived, which may require some accommodation to allow access.

(2) “Disabled” means any person who has or is perceived to have a disability.

(3) “Reasonable accommodation” means accommodation to the extent that the city of La Center is able either physically or financially to make, to allow access to a city building, facility, service or employment position. [Ord. III-6-5 § 1, 1993.]

2.60.020 Background.

The United States Legislature has adopted the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure equal access for all Americans to employment and to public buildings, facilities and services. Reasonable accommodations are required by this act for access for all persons who have or are perceived to have disabilities. [Ord. III-6-5 § 2, 1993.]

2.60.030 Access to public buildings and facilities.

(1) The city of La Center shall make reasonable accommodation to provide equal access to all city owned or operated buildings, facilities and services for all persons who either have, or are perceived to have a disability.

(2) Where the city is unable to provide conventional barrier free access, accommodations shall be made to the best of the city’s ability to provide. Where structural barriers cannot be eliminated or special communication devices purchased, the city shall make accommodating effort to extend services to disabled persons by alternate means. [Ord. III-6-5 § 3, 1993.]

2.60.040 Employment.

(1) In recruiting, interviewing, hiring and promoting, any disability or perceived disability shall not be an issue, and will not be addressed on application forms or in interviews, except as related to primary duties of a position, and ability to perform with reasonable accommodation.

(2) All city job descriptions shall indicate which duties are primary to the position, and which duties are secondary. Ability to perform secondary duties of a position are not relevant to consideration of employment for a disabled individual or one perceived to be disabled.

(3) At time of actual hire or promotion, the applicant or employee shall be asked if any accommodations are required to perform the primary duties of the job, and to identify the needed accommodations. The city shall make reasonable accommodations to allow the employment of a disabled person in the position. [Ord. III-6-5 § 4, 1993.]