Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Definition.

5.20.020    License – Required.

5.20.030    License – Issuance.

5.20.040    Use during academic year.

5.20.050    Amusement center license.

5.20.060    License fees.

5.20.070    Duty of licensee.

5.20.080    Repealed.

*Prior legislation: Ord. 518.

5.20.010 Definition.

“Amusement devices” means any electronic or mechanically operated game which, upon the inserting of a coin, permits a person or operator to use the device as a game, contest of skill or amusement, whether or not registering a score, which may cause a person or operator of same to secure some amusement, enjoyment, or entertainment, and which is not a gambling device or a device which tends to encourage gambling. [Ord. 519 § 1, 1984.]

5.20.020 License – Required.

A license shall be required of every owner (person, firm, corporation or association) of an amusement device kept, used, exhibited or displayed within the town of La Conner. Application for a license to display an amusement device must be made to the town clerk. The license required by this chapter is separate from and in addition to the business license issued under Chapter 5.05 LCMC, which may also be required when applicable. [Ord. 1202 § 16, 2021; Ord. 519 § 2, 1984.]

5.20.030 License – Issuance.

Every owner, at the time of application shall pay to the town the sum of $50.00 per machine per year. All licenses shall be issued for a period of one year and shall expire on December 31st of each year. No license may be transferred from one owner to another. There shall be no proration of fees, except for the period from June 1, 1984, when this chapter shall become in effect, until December 31, 1984, the license fee shall be $30.00 per machine. License shall be permanently and conspicuously displayed on each machine on owner’s premises. [Ord. 519 § 3, 1984.]

5.20.040 Use during academic year.

No owner shall allow any minor under 18 years of age to play or use any such amusement device during the academic year for the La Conner Public School during the hours the school is in session. [Ord. 519 § 4, 1984.]

5.20.050 Amusement center license.

An applicant requesting a license for more than 10 amusement devices shall also be required to obtain an amusement center license. The fee for the amusement center license shall be $35.00 per year. [Ord. 519 § 5, 1984.]

5.20.060 License fees.

Licenses for amusement devices are due and payable on January 1st of each calendar year, except for the calendar year 1984 when license fees will be due and payable June 1, 1984. A penalty of 25 percent of the license fee will be assessed after July 31st of each calendar year. Failure to obtain or renew a license when due shall result in suspension or cancellation of the license. [Ord. 519 § 6, 1984.]

5.20.070 Duty of licensee.

It shall be the duty of the licensee to procure the amusement device license. [Ord. 519 § 9, 1984.]

5.20.080 Penalty.

Any owner of an amusement device who fails or refuses to pay the license fee or penalty for the device on or before the due date shall be deemed to be operating the amusement device without a license to do so. It shall be an infraction for any owner of an amusement device to fail to obtain a license for the device as required under this chapter, and such person shall be liable for a civil penalty of $25.00 for each day during which the amusement device remains unlicensed. [Ord. 812 § 5, 2001.]