2.86.010    Domestic Partnership Registry - established

2.86.020    Registration prerequisites

2.86.030    Filing fee

2.86.040    Certificate of registration

2.86.050    Termination of registration

2.86.060    County registry

2.86.010 Domestic Partnership Registry - established.

There is hereby established in the city of Lacey a Domestic Partnership Registry. Registration of a domestic partnership shall be voluntary and shall be subject to fulfilling the requirements of Section 2.86.020 of the Lacey Municipal Code. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).

2.86.020 Registration prerequisites.

The city of Lacey shall add to the Domestic Partnership Registry a domestic partnership after receipt of an application for registration of domestic partnership signed under oath and acknowledged by both partners attesting to the following:

A.    Neither of the individuals is married.

B.    The individuals are in a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment.

C.    Both of the individuals are of the age of eighteen years or older.

D.    The individuals are not related in blood closer than would bar marriage in the State of Washington.

E.    Each of the individuals is the other’s sole domestic partner.

F.    Both applicants are residents of the city of Lacey.

G.    Both applicants acknowledge that neither filing the application nor the issuance by the city of Lacey of a registration certificate shall constitute a marriage or marriage certificate.

H.    Both individuals acknowledge that such registration or the issuance of a registration certificate does not afford their relationship any new or different legal status nor create any new or different legal rights or responsibilities.

I.    Such application and registration are not intended to either establish or provide evidence of any contractual relationship or contractual obligation between the partners.

J.    Such domestic partnership registration is a public record subject to public disclosure in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 42.17 of the Revised Code of Washington. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).

2.86.030 Filing fee.

The application set forth in Section 2.86.020 of the Lacey Municipal Code shall be accompanied by a filing fee in the amount established by resolution of the city council. Prior to the time that such a resolution is passed by the city council, the filling fee shall be in the sum of twenty-five dollars. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).

2.86.040 Certificate of Registration.

Upon receipt of the application in the form prescribed by Section 2.86.020 of the Lacey Municipal Code and the fee specified in Section 2.86.030 of the Lacey Municipal Code, the city shall issue a Certificate of Registration of Domestic Partnership. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).

2.86.050 Termination of registration.

The city of Lacey shall remove from the Domestic Partnership Registration list any registered domestic partnership upon the receipt of a Domestic Partnership Registration Termination Notice signed under oath by at least one of the partners of the registered domestic partnership. If only one partner signs a termination notice, the city shall notify the other partner by first class mail at the address provided at the time of registration. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).

2.86.060 County Registry.

If Thurston County establishes a county wide Domestic Partner Registry substantially similar to the registry established in Ordinance 1129, no new registrations shall be accepted by Lacey subsequent to the effective date of such county ordinance. (Ord. 1129 §1, 2000).