13.02    General Utility Provisions

13.04    Sewer Code--Definitions

13.06    Improvement District Assessment Foreclosures

13.08    Use of Sewers--Private Sewage Disposal

13.10    LOTT Discharge and Industrial Pretreatment Regulations

13.16    Sewer Rates and Charges

13.20    Protection of Sewer System

13.24    Sewer Inspections

13.28    Sewer Code--Penalties

13.30    Sewerage Facilities

13.32    Water Rates and Charges

13.36    Water Meters

13.40    Water Service Turn-On and Shut-Off

13.44    Payment for Water Service

13.48    Water System--Unlawful Acts

13.52    Extension of Water System

13.56    Movement of Lines During Construction Work

13.60    Installation of Water Mains and Fire Hydrants

13.64    Reclaimed Water Utility

13.70    Storm and Surface Water Utility Charges


For the statutory provisions authorizing all cities to provide for the water supply thereof, and to establish, construct and maintain a water supply system within or without the corporate limits and to control, regulate and manage the same, see Revised Code of Washington 35A.80.010 and 35.21.210; for the statutes regarding the management of a municipal water and sewage system, see Revised Code of Washington 35A.21.150, 35.67, 35.91 and 35.92. For regulations regarding utilities location standards, see Chapter 12.20 of this code.