Chapter 11.07


11.07.010    Operation of motor vessels unlawful.

11.07.020    Restricted area.

11.07.030    Penalty.

11.07.010 Operation of motor vessels unlawful.

Operation of motor vessels in the waters adjacent to Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve within the restricted area described in LFPMC 11.07.020 is unlawful. (Ord. 886 § 1, 2002)

11.07.020 Restricted area.

An area encompassed by the following described line: commencing at the point of intersection between the western property line of Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve and the northern shore of Lake Washington and continuing a distance of 130 feet south; thence east 100 feet, more or less, to intersect a line which is an extension of the eastern property line from the northern shore of Lake Washington 130 feet to the south; thence west 100 feet, more or less, along the northern shoreline of Lake Washington to the point of beginning. The city shall mark the southern terminus of the extensions of the east and west property lines with buoys upon which will be posted warning signs. (Ord. 886 § 2, 2002)

11.07.030 Penalty.

Any person operating a motor vessel in the restricted area shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punished by 90 days in jail or a fine of $500.00 or both. (Ord. 886 § 3, 2002)