Chapter 11.12


11.12.010    Water skiing – Purpose and definitions.

11.12.030    Water skiing activities.

11.12.050    Water skiing – Negligent manner.

11.12.010 Water skiing – Purpose and definitions.

The following provisions of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) are adopted by reference by the city of Lake Forest Park as if set forth in full and are applicable within the city of Lake Forest Park:


    88.12.125(1) Water skiing – Purpose – Safety

88.12.125    Water skiing – Towing – Wearing

    (2) – (4) personal flotation device – Violation of subsections is an infraction usually

    88.12.125(6) Water skiing – Reckless manner – Violation a misdemeanor

    88.12.125(7) Water skiing – Requirements of subsections not applicable to authorized competitions

(Ord. 709 § 10, 1997; Ord. 606 § 17, 1994)

11.12.030 Water skiing activities.

A. It is unlawful to water ski within 100 yards of shore. Water skiers may start at and return to shore by means of the most expeditious route. For purposes of starting at and returning to shore, water skiers may temporarily exceed the speed limit of eight miles per hour. (KCC 12.44.230(B))

B. No person shall engage or attempt to engage in water skiing, or operate any vessel to tow a water skier, on the waters of the city from sunset to sunrise. (KCC 12.44.230(C))

C. Regulations stated in subsection B of this section shall not apply to vessels used in water ski tournaments, competitions, expositions, or trials therefor, which have been duly authorized by the King County department of public safety. (KCC 12.44.230(F))

D. A violation of this section is an infraction with a maximum penalty of $250.00. (Ord. 709 § 12, 1997; Ord. 606 § 19, 1994)

11.12.050 Water skiing – Negligent manner.

No person engaged in water skiing as a skier shall conduct himself or herself in a negligent manner that endangers, or is likely to endanger, any person or property. A violation of this section is an infraction, except that it is a misdemeanor for any person to commit a violation of this section if, during a period of 365 days, the person has previously committed two infractions for violating this section and the third violation also occurs during this 365-day period. (Ord. 709 § 14, 1997; Ord. 606 § 21, 1994)