Chapter 17.12


17.12.010    Application – Preliminary consideration.

17.12.020    Application – Contents.

17.12.030    Application – Publication.

17.12.040    Application – Exemptions.

17.12.050    Design standards.

17.12.060    Fees and approval procedures.

17.12.070    Repealed.

17.12.080    Filing and recording requirements.

17.12.010 Application – Preliminary consideration.

A. Application for short subdivision shall be made to the city clerk on a form established by the planning commission and reviewed by the administrator/building official and the planning commission chairman.

B. The application shall contain sufficient information, including a sketch of the proposal sufficient to indicate the general acceptability of the layout as submitted. The applicant must complete all requirements for final approval within six months of the original application. (Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.020 Application – Contents.

The administrative official may require any or all of the following to be submitted as part of the application:

A. Four copies of a map or plat plan of the parcel;

B. The legal description of the property to be subdivided;

C. Name, address and telephone number of person(s) proposing to subdivide;

D. Name and address of licensed engineer or land surveyor, if any, (or person preparing drawing and legal descriptions);

E. Date, north arrow, and adequate scale (one inch equals 20 feet);

F. Lot lines, dimension of lots and area of lots;

G. Location of existing and proposed vehicular access;

H. Location of permanent buildings and structures, if any;

I. Legal description of the proposed lots;

J. Location of existing or proposed utility and storm drainage easements and facilities;

K. Other information as determined by the administrative official. (Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.030 Application – Publication.

Notice of application for a short subdivision shall be given by one publication in the official newspaper of the city and by first-class mail to owners of property within 300 feet of any boundary of the subject property. The proposed development site shall also be posted, identifying the total area of the plat, the number and typical lot size, the proposed use, and the name of the applicant. (Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.040 Application – Exemptions.

No land in the city shall be divided into four or fewer lots by or because of sale, lease, transfer or other conveyance without compliance with this chapter; except that divisions of land shall be exempt from the procedures set forth in this chapter when the following circumstances apply:

A. Any deeding of land to a public body; provided, however, that any remaining lot or lots which are consistent with zoning, or access or health requirements;

B. Any division of land for the purpose of minor adjustment of a boundary line to accommodate the transfer of land between two adjacent property owners which does not result in the creation of any new building site, substandard lot, or substandard yard or setback requirement. (Ord. 337 § 11, 1984)

17.12.050 Design standards.

A. The proposed subdivision shall comply with the comprehensive plan and the zoning ordinance.

B. Curb, gutter, pavement, and storm drainage facilities may be required at the discretion of the administrative official to prevent stormwater erosion and damage.

C. The proposed subdivisions shall provide necessary utility and drainage easements and the grantees thereof shall agree in writing to restore the easement rights-of-way to their original condition after any installation, maintenance or repair.

D. The administrative official may require additional information from the applicant to determine whether the project must be reviewed under the provisions of the State of Washington Environmental Protection Act (Chapter 43.21C RCW) and as the same may be amended and supplemented from time to time. Preliminary approval of the subdivision shall not be given until all requirements of the Act are fulfilled. If a stream or natural drainage may exist in the proposed subdivision it shall not be altered until an assessment is made of potential environmental effects. (Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.060 Fees and approval procedures.

A. The person proposing to subdivide shall pay a fee as established periodically by city council resolution.

B. The administrative official, together with the planning commission chairman shall approve or disapprove the short subdivision if the application is in proper form and the short subdivision complies with the foregoing.

C. Action will ordinarily be taken on subdivisions of this type within 20 days from the date the application if filed. No construction of structures, utilities, grading or excavation shall be allowed prior to the official approval of the subdivision.

D. If the necessary criteria have not been complied with, the administrative official, together with the planning commission chairman may either disapprove the application or require that the applicant make necessary changes which would cause them to give their approval. (Ord. 787 § 1, 1999; Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.070 Right of appeal.

Repealed by Ord. 768. (Ord. 337 § 9, 1984)

17.12.080 Filing and recording requirements.

A. Short plats may require surveys and monuments.

B. The regulations shall require filing of a short plat for record in the office of the county auditor (King County department of records).

C. Filing standards for short subdivisions are:

1. The short plat should be standard engineering drawing size (e.g., eight-and-one-half inches by 14 inches).

2. The legal description may be written by licensing engineer or land surveyor or by a real estate title company unless otherwise determined by the administrative official.

3. The scale of drawing shall be an engineering scale, normally one inch equals 20 feet.

4. Existing structures shall show dimensions to lot lines.

5. Items to be placed on drawings:

a. Name or number of short plat and date;

b. Existing and proposed owners, if relevant;

c. Lots defined by large letters, “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”, and by square footage;

d. Exact location of short plat by vicinity map and streets bordering the short subdivision.

6. Other requirements set forth in this chapter.

D. Recording of Short Subdivisions.

1. Notices of short subdivision approval shall be prepared for recording on the form prepared by the administrative official.

2. The original of the short plat, together with a copy of the completed notice of short subdivision approval, shall be filed with the King County department of records by the subdivider. A copy of the short plat and notice of short subdivision approval shall be furnished for the city short-plat file. (Ord. 337 §9, 1984)