Chapter 18.18


18.18.010    Permitted uses.

18.18.020    Conditional uses.

18.18.030    Lot area.

18.18.040    Street frontage.

18.18.050    Lot coverage.

18.18.060    Yards.

18.18.070    Building height limit.

18.18.080    Impervious surface.

18.18.010 Permitted uses.

The following are permitted uses in an RS-15 zone:

A. A single-family dwelling of a permanent character, placed in a permanent location.

B. Home occupations, provided they meet the criteria in LFPMC 18.50.040.

C. Accessory buildings and structures in accordance with the provisions in LFPMC 18.50.060.

D. Manufactured housing bearing the certification of the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

E. Accessory dwelling units in accordance with the provisions in LFPMC 18.50.050.

F. Signs in accordance with the provisions in Chapter 18.52 LFPMC.

G. Type I day care facility in accordance with the provisions in LFPMC 18.50.045. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.020 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses and associated development standards, if any, for an RS-15 zone are those identified in Chapter 18.54 LFPMC. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.030 Lot area.

The minimum required area of a lot in an RS-15 zone shall be 15,000 square feet. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.040 Street frontage.

The minimum street frontage in an RS-15 zone shall be 75 feet along a public street right-of-way. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.050 Lot coverage.

No building or combination of buildings, including accessory buildings, shall occupy or cover more than 27 1/2 percent of the net lot area in an RS-15 zone. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.060 Yards.

The following setbacks shall apply in an RS-15 zone:

A. Front yard: Not less than 20 feet measured at a right angle to the front line;

B. Side yards: Not less than five feet on either side, with a minimum combined width of 15 feet, measured from the property line to the nearest point of the building;

C. Rear yard: Not less than 20 feet. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.070 Building height limit.

The building height limit in an RS-15 zone shall not exceed 30 feet. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.18.080 Impervious surface.

The maximum impervious surface allowed in an RS-15 zone shall be 40 percent of the lot area. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)