Chapter 18.38


18.38.010    Purpose.

18.38.020    Permitted uses.

18.38.030    Conditional uses.

18.38.040    Building height.

18.38.050    Setbacks.

18.38.060    Land coverage.

18.38.070    Site area.

18.38.080    Retail and storage area.

18.38.090    Off-street parking.

18.38.100    Screening and landscaping.

18.38.110    Signs.

18.38.120    Special conditions.

18.38.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the CC zone is to provide regulations covering a mix of compatible commercial uses along the Bothell Way corridor. Development in this zone shall strive for a clustered retail and pedestrian-friendly design as opposed to strip of linear development. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the CC zone, subject to the off-street parking and landscaping requirements and other general provisions as set forth in this title, except where modified by this chapter:

A. Retail sales of food and commodities, auto oriented services and sales, repair or sale of boats, motor vehicles, sale of food and alcohol for on-premises consumption, sale of gasoline or other fuels;

B. Business offices and uses rendering professional, personal, and instructional services, such as real estate or insurance brokerages, consultants, medical or dental clinics, technical training, health clubs, and repair of jewelry, eyeglasses, clothing, household appliances and tools, or other such similar uses, vehicle or tool rentals, pet sales and veterinary clinics;

C. Government buildings and uses, including but not limited to City Hall, police stations, libraries, administrative offices, and other public service uses that are compatible with the intent of the CC zone;

D. Hotels and motels;

E. Public utilities;

F. Adult use establishments; provided, however, that the operation of an adult use establishment shall be prohibited within 660 feet of any residential zone; and provided further, that adult use establishments shall not be operated concurrently within 660 feet of, nor within the same structure as, the operation of any other adult use establishment; and provided further, that no adult use establishment shall be located within 660 feet of schools, licensed day care centers, public parks, community centers or public libraries or churches which conduct religious or educational classes for minors. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses and associated development standards, if any, for the CC zone are those identified in Chapter 18.54 LFPMC. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.040 Building height.

The building height limit in the CC zone shall not exceed 35 feet. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.050 Setbacks.

There are no minimum setbacks in the CC zone; except that projects adjacent to an RS or RM zoned property shall have a minimum setback of 20 feet from any common property lines. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.060 Land coverage.

Maximum land coverage by all structures shall be no more than 50 percent of the total lot area. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.070 Site area.

The maximum square footage allowed in a single commercial business site is 100,000 square feet, not to exceed 500-foot frontage on a public access. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.080 Retail and storage area.

Under this chapter, the maximum allowable retail sales and display area shall be 50,000 square feet, exclusive of storage and toilet facilities, and the maximum storage and toilet areas shall not exceed 50 percent of the retail sales, display or service area. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.090 Off-street parking.

Off-street parking shall be required subject to the regulations of Chapter 18.58 LFPMC. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.100 Screening and landscaping.

All sites in the CC zone must have adequate screening and landscaping, subject to the regulations of Chapter 18.62 LFPMC. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.110 Signs.

Signs are limited to those provided for in Chapter 18.52 LFPMC. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)

18.38.120 Special conditions.

All businesses, services, repair, processing, storage or merchandise displays shall be conducted wholly within an enclosed building except for the following:

A. Off-street parking or loading;

B. Storage and sale of plants in connection with a nursery or garden supply store;

C. Servicing of vehicles at automobile service stations;

D. Merchandise displays which are located in planned shopping centers where proper provision has been made for screening and safe pedestrian and vehicular passage. (Ord. 773 § 3, 1999)