Chapter 1.04


1.04.010    Title and Adoption

1.04.020    Codification Authority

1.04.030    Purpose

1.04.040    Effective Date

1.04.010 Title and Adoption.

The codification of the Ordinances of the City of Lake Stevens of a general, public or permanent nature, as contained and set forth in a printed copy thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk entitled the “Lake Stevens Municipal Code”, is adopted as the Municipal Code of the City of Lake Stevens as provided by RCW 35.21.520 through RCW 35.21.570. (Ord. 219, Sec. 1, 1982)

The provisions of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code, insofar as they are substantially the same as Ordinances heretofore adopted by the City of Lake Stevens, shall be construed as continuous thereof and not as new enactments. (Ord. 219, Sec. 10, 1982)

1.04.020 Codification Authority.

As provided for by RCW 35.21.550, copies of such Code be published and shall be received without further proof as the Ordinances of permanent and general effect of the City of Lake Stevens by and in accordance with administrative tribunes of this State. (Ord. 219, Sec, 2, 1982)

1.04.030 Purpose.

This code is enacted as an exercise of the Police power of the City of Lake Stevens to protect and preserve the public peace, health, safety and welfare, and its provisions shall be liberally construed for the accomplishment of these purposes. (Ord. 219, Sec. 3, 1982)

It is expressly the purpose of this Code to provide for and promote the health, safety and welfare of the general public, and not to create or otherwise establish or designate any particular class or group of persons who will or should be especially protected or benefited by the terms of this Code. (Ord. 219, Sec. 4, 1982)

1.04.040 Effective Date.

This Code shall become effective on the date the Ordinance adopting this Code as the “Lake Stevens Municipal Code” becomes effective. (Ord. 219, Sec. 14, 1982)