Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Position Established

2.16.020    Appointment

2.16.030    Duties - Responsible To

2.16.040    Compensation

2.16.050    Annual Evaluation Process

2.16.010 Position Established.

There is hereby created a position known as City Administrator who shall serve as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) pursuant to the executive authority provided by the Mayor. (Ord. 1161, Sec. 1, 2023)

2.16.020 Appointment.

The Mayor shall have the power of appointment and removal of the City Administrator. The terms of employment for the City Administrator may be governed by a contractual agreement as entered into by the Mayor and City Administrator and made with the consent of the majority of the City Council. (Ord. 1161, Sec. 1, 2023)

2.16.030 Duties - Responsible To.

The duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator shall be as set forth in a job description to be prepared and approved by the Mayor and the City Council. The City Administrator shall be responsible to and shall act under the direction of the Mayor. (Ord. 1161, Sec. 1, 2023)

2.16.040 Compensation.

The City Administrator shall receive a salary in such amount as provided for by agreement between the parties and/or that amount that Council may, from time to time, establish by the City’s annual or biennial budget ordinance. (Ord. 1161, Sec. 1, 2023)

2.16.050 Annual Evaluation Process.

(a)    The Mayor will determine the evaluation criteria and format for the process. As the City Administrator’s immediate supervisor, the Mayor shall issue the final annual evaluation. Council members will be given the opportunity to provide their observations, comments and recommendations.

(b)    The final step of the City Administrator evaluation process is for the Mayor to prepare amendments, if any, to the City Administrator’s employment contract. This contract and any amendment thereto must be approved by the City Council at a Council meeting. (Ord. 1161, Sec. 1, 2023)