Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Department Acknowledged and Ratified

2.24.020    Responsibilities

2.24.030    Position Appointments

2.24.035    Powers and Duties

2.24.040    Compensation for Appointments

2.24.010 Department Acknowledged and Ratified.

The past, present and future existence of the City of Lake Stevens Finance Department is acknowledged and ratified. (Ord. 951, Sec. 1, 2016)

2.24.020 Responsibilities.

The Finance Department is primarily responsible for the financial and treasury operations of the City. The Finance Department shall act in accordance with general accepted municipal accounting principles and ensure compliance with legal and prudent fiscal requirements in all financial and procedural operations. (Ord. 951, Sec. 1, 2016)

2.24.030 Position Appointments.

The Mayor, or City Administrator pursuant to executive authority provided by the Mayor, shall appoint a Finance Director/Treasurer who will serve at the Mayor’s or City Administrator’s pleasure. (Ord. 951, Sec. 1, 2016)

2.24.035 Powers and Duties.

(a)    The position of Finance Director/Treasurer is established in lieu of, but with the same powers and responsibilities as, the position of City Treasurer. The position of Finance Director/Treasurer shall also be eligible to serve concurrently with the position of City Clerk and perform the duties of City Clerk as provided by law. The major duties, responsibilities and qualifications of Finance Director/Treasurer shall be those described in his/her job description. The Finance Director/Treasurer shall be bonded, in an amount not less than $50,000, for the faithful performance of his/her duties.

(b)    The Finance Director/Treasurer shall have all of the powers and shall perform each and all of the duties specified in RCW Title 35A for city treasurers, together with any other duties or authority which may be conferred upon such position by the laws of the State of Washington or the ordinances of the City, as now and hereinafter amended.

(c)    The Finance Director/Treasurer is hereby designated pursuant to RCW 42.24.080 and 42.24.180 as the Auditing Officer for the City of Lake Stevens with the authority for the auditing and payment of claims presented against the City by persons furnishing materials, rendering services, performing labor, or for other contractual services. The Finance Director/Treasurer as Auditing Officer is authorized to issue electronic payments, warrants, or checks in payment of such claims; provided, within one month of issuance of all payments of claims, the City Council shall docket on its consent agenda the approval of payment of all such claims. The City Council may approve or disapprove any claim. If, upon review, City Council disapproves a claim, the Auditing Officer shall cause the disapproved claim to be recognized as a receivable of the City and to pursue collection until the claim amounts disapproved are collected or until the City Council is satisfied and approves the claim.

(d)    The authority to appoint and remove other Finance Department staff shall be vested in the executive authority of the Mayor as may be delegated to the Director, including but not limited to the appointment of a Deputy Treasurer who, in the absence of the Finance Director/Treasurer, shall have all the powers, duties and authority of the Treasurer. The major duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the Deputy Treasurer shall be those described in his/her position description. (Ord. 951, Sec. 1, 2016)

2.24.040 Compensation of Appointments.

The Finance Director/Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer and other Department staff shall receive such salary and in such amounts as the Council may, from time to time, establish by the City’s annual or biennial budget ordinance. (Ord. 951, Sec. 1, 2016)