Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Department Acknowledged and Ratified

2.32.020    Responsibilities

2.32.030    Position Appointments/Commissions

2.32.040    Compensation for Appointments

2.32.010 Department Acknowledged and Ratified.

The past, present and future existence of the City of Lake Stevens Police Department is acknowledged and ratified. (Ord. 911, Sec. 1, 2014)

2.32.020 Responsibilities.

The Police Department is primarily responsible for protecting life and property through law enforcement and crime prevention work. The Department also conducts other activities as the Mayor or City Administrator may determine appropriate. (Ord. 911, Sec. 1, 2014)

2.32.030 Position Appointments/Commissions.

(a)    The Mayor, or City Administrator pursuant to executive authority provided by the Mayor, shall appoint a Police Chief who will serve at the Mayor or City Administrator’s pleasure. The major duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the Police Chief shall be those described in his/her position description. The authority to appoint and remove other Police Department Staff shall be vested in the executive authority of the Mayor as may be delegated to the Chief, subject to applicable police civil service rules.

(b)    Commissions. The Police Chief is authorized to issue the following commissions of law enforcement authority:

(1)    Full commissions shall be issued to all general authority police officers in the police department who are employed on a full-time, fully compensated basis.

(2)    Limited Commission – Code Enforcement Officers. The Chief of Police may issue limited commissions as code enforcement officers to department heads or supervisors and City employees designated by the department director employed in the Planning and Community Development and Public Works Departments as code enforcement officers. Such limited commission shall authorize such persons to initiate, issue and serve notice of civil infractions for violations of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code in those areas for which their department is directly responsible. Said commissions shall not authorize such persons to carry firearms or effect any arrest for any violation. Said commission shall not vest any person with any police civil service or police pension rights under federal, Washington State law or under any ordinance or regulation.

(3)    Special commissions may be issued to law enforcement officers of other jurisdictions pursuant to Chapter 10.93 RCW. (Ord. 911, Sec. 1, 2014)

2.32.040 Compensation of Appointments.

The Police Chief and other department staff shall receive such salary and in such amounts as the Council may, from time to time, establish by the City’s annual or biennial budget ordinance. (Ord. 911, Sec. 1, 2014)