Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Public Defender’s Office Established - Appointment - Compensation - Vacancy

2.44.020    Responsibilities

2.44.030    Insurance

2.44.010 Public Defender’s Office Established - Appointment - Compensation - Vacancy.

A Public Defender’s Office is hereby established. The Mayor, or City Administrator pursuant to the executive authority provided by the Mayor, shall employ or contract with one or more persons to fill the office of Public Defender. The Public Defender shall be compensated in such amount as the City Council shall approve. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Public Defender, counsel shall be appointed by the court to represent indigent defendants.

2.44.020 Responsibilities.

The Public Defender shall represent those indigent defendants charged under criminal ordinances of the City who qualify for appointed counsel.

2.44.030 Insurance.

The Public Defender shall maintain such errors and omission (professional liability insurance) insurance as the Mayor or City Administrator with the consent of the majority of the City Council shall from time to time direct to protect the City’s interest.