Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Created

2.64.020    Membership/Appointment/Compensation

2.64.030    Term of Office

2.64.040    Removal From Office

2.64.050    Expenses

2.64.060    Powers and Duties

2.64.070    Rules of Procedures

2.64.010 Created.

The Planning Commission is hereby acknowledged and ratified. (See Section 14.16A.360 of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code.) (Ord. 811, Sec. 7, 2010)

2.64.020 Membership/Appointment/Compensation.

The Planning Commission shall be composed of seven members, appointed by the Mayor with the approval by a majority vote of the City Council, without regard to political affiliation. The Mayor and Council may appoint a member who resides or owns property within the City or the City’s urban growth area. At least four members shall be residents of the City. The members of the Planning Commission shall serve without compensation.

2.64.030 Term of Office.

The term of office of each member shall be for four years. The term shall terminate on the last day of the respective calendar year, even though this shortens or extends slightly the appointed term. Should a commissioner desire reappointment for another term, he/she shall submit a written request to the Mayor for approval, and the concurrence of the City Council.

2.64.040 Removal From Office.

Members may be removed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council for inefficiency, neglect of duty, three consecutive unexcused absences, malfeasance in office, for a disqualifying change in eligibility, or for other good cause. Notification of such dismissal shall be in writing stating the exact cause for dismissal; however, all dismissals shall be final on approval of the Council. (Ord. 1029, Sec. 1, 2018)

2.64.050 Expenses.

The Planning Commission as a body or individual members thereof may be reimbursed actual and reasonable expenses in the performance of their duties on behalf of the Commission from funds included in the general budget of the Planning and Community Development Department. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to, such items as: Travel and subsistence, registration fees and other costs incidental to meetings and conferences, professional and consulting services, educational fees, dues and assessments of professional planning organizations, subscriptions to periodicals and purchase of informational and educational texts, and similar expenditures that may be deemed necessary to increase the efficiency and professional ability of the members of the Commission. Planning Commission expenses shall be authorized only by the Planning and Community Development Director.

2.64.060 Powers and Duties.

A.    The Planning Commission shall be the principal planning advisory body for all matters relating to land use, comprehensive planning and zoning. Unless otherwise assigned by ordinance to the Hearing Examiner, public hearings required by Chapter 35A.63 RCW to be held in the course of the adoption or amendment of the text and/or map of the Comprehensive Plan, text and/or map of the zoning code, annexations, or regulations for the subdivision of land, shall be held by the Planning Commission; however, this in no way prohibits the City Council from making the final decision.

B.    The Planning Commission shall perform such other functions (including hearings on certain land use permit applications) as shall be assigned to it by the provisions of Title 14 (Land Use Code), as amended, or as may be from time to time directed by resolution or motion of the City Council.

C.    In addition to these and other powers and duties set forth elsewhere in this chapter, the Planning Commission shall be given the powers and duties hereinafter set forth:

(1)    To recommend to the Mayor and Council programs for public works and civic improvements.

(2)    To publish and distribute copies of status reports of activities of the Planning Commission which may include plans and official recommendation made by the Commission in the regular exercise of its duties, as set forth in this section.

(3)    To consult with and advise public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional, and other organizations and citizens in relation to its plans and recommendations prepared by it.

(4)    To request all public officials to furnish, within a reasonable time, such available information to assist in formulating the Commissions’ plans and recommendations.

(5)    To exercise such authority as may be necessary to enable it to fulfill its functions, promote planning, and carry out the purposes of this section.

(6)    To conduct, upon request by the Mayor or Council, an investigation and submit a report, plan, map, or recommendation in connection with any matter relating to the physical development of the City.

(7)    To sit as Hearing Examiner in the absence of the engagement of a Hearing Examiner.

2.64.070 Rules of Procedures.

The Planning Commission is hereby directed to adopt rules of procedures for the orderly and fair conduct of matters coming before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall review and revise the adopted rules of procedures as necessary, forwarding a copy to the City Administrator, Mayor, and City Council.