Chapter 2.68


2.68.010    Created

2.68.020    Appointment - Term of Office - Removal

2.68.030    Civil Service Commission - Quorum and Procedures

2.68.040    Expenses

2.68.050    Civil Service Commission - Duties

2.68.010 Created.

A Civil Service Commission is created to accomplish the purposes of Chapter 41.12 RCW relative to the selection, appointment and employment of police officers within the City Police Department. The Police Chief and an additional number of positions allowed by RCW 41.12.050 are exempt from civil service. Exempt positions other than the Police Chief shall be designated pursuant to the provisions of RCW 41.12.050. (Ord. 1125, Sec. 1, 2021)

2.68.020 Appointment - Term of Office - Removal.

A.    The Civil Service Commission shall be comprised of three members who shall be appointed by the Mayor.

B.    The members of the Civil Service Commission shall serve without compensation.

C.    No person shall be appointed a member of such Commission who is not a citizen of the United States, a resident of the City of Lake Stevens for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment, and an elector of Snohomish County.

D.    At the time of any appointment not more than two Commissioners shall be adherents of the same political party.

E. The term of office of Civil Service Commissioners shall be for six years. The terms of office shall be staggered. Commissioner’s term shall expire on December 31st of successive odd number years. Commissioners may be reappointed.

F.    A member of the Civil Service Commission may be removed from office for incompetency, incompatibility or dereliction of duty, three consecutive unexcused absences, malfeasance in office, for a disqualifying change of eligibility or other good cause; provided, however, that no member of the Commission shall be removed until charges have been preferred, in writing, due notice and a full hearing had. (Ord. 1067, Sec. 1, 2019; Ord. 1029, Sec. 1, 2018)

2.68.030 Civil Service Commission - Quorum and Procedures.

A.    Two members of the Civil Service Commission shall constitute a quorum and the voting of any two members of such commission concurring shall be sufficient for the decision of all matters and the transaction of all business of the commission.

B.    The members of the commission shall appoint a chair from among their ranks.

C.    The commission shall hold such regular and special meetings as may be required for the proper discharge of their duties.

D.    The commission shall appoint a secretary and chief examiner or secretary/chief examiner, who shall keep the records of the commission, preserve all reports made to it, superintend and keep a record of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the commission may prescribe.

2.68.040 Expenses.

The Civil Service Commission as a body or individual members thereof may be reimbursed actual and reasonable expenses in the performance of their duties on behalf of the Commission from funds included in the general budget of the City. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to, such items as: Travel and subsistence, registration fees and other costs incidental to meetings and conferences, professional and consulting services, subscriptions to periodicals and purchase of informational and educational texts, and similar expenditures that may be deemed necessary to increase the efficiency and professional ability of the members of the Commission. Civil Service Commission expenses shall be authorized only by the City Administrator.

2.68.050 Civil Service Commission - Duties.

The commission shall adopt such written rules and regulations and perform such duties as are required by RCW 41.06.040 (1) - (10), as presently constituted or hereinafter amended.