Chapter 2.70


2.70.010    Purpose

2.70.020    Created - Membership, appointment, compensation, term

2.70.030    Vacancies

2.70.040    Removal

2.70.050    Duties

2.70.060    Veterans Commission Manager

2.70.070    Rules of procedure

2.70.080    Meetings to be open

2.70.010 Purpose.

The Lake Stevens Veterans Commission is hereby established for the purpose of:

(a)    Understanding the needs of regional employers who do employ or may consider the employment of veterans;

(b)    Understanding the breadth and quality of the overall training and talent of resident veterans, and the training and talent of veterans in emerging technologies;

(c)    Understanding specific needs of regional employers that lead veterans to meaningful civilian employment;

(d)    Promoting and organizing community emergency preparedness using the veterans’ experiences, knowledge, skills and abilities;

(e)    Promoting opportunities for resident veterans to pursue civic and community service with local service organizations;

(f)    Connecting resident veterans to Veterans Administration and other related government and nongovernmental organizations that recognize and support the contributions of veterans to our community;

(g)    Promoting public awareness of the veteran culture;

(h)    Standing as a resource for the Lake Stevens Family Center;

(i)    Promoting resources available to support and assist resident veterans;

(j)    Measuring City and Commission initiatives to contribute to the body of evidence for the improvement of the veterans’ quality of life; and

(k)    To establish a Veterans Commission that will promote and encourage the above-stated purposes. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.020 Created - Membership, appointment, compensation, term.

(a)    The Lake Stevens Veterans Commission (“Veterans Commission” or “Commission”) is hereby created. The Commission shall consist of 11 members, to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Commission shall represent the U.S. military veteran constituency of the City, and should have a balanced membership reflecting in-depth knowledge of veterans’ concerns. A member appointed to the Commission should be knowledgeable in the area of veterans’ affairs, affiliated with a provider of services to veterans, or a veteran of the United States. The Commission as a whole should represent a diversity of ethnicity, race and gender.

(b)    At least eight members shall be veterans, active military service members, or immediate family members, such as spouse, parent, or adult child of a veteran or an active military service member, and at least two of these eight members should have actively served in the United States military. With the exception of the first appointments, members shall serve a three-year term, with the term of office expiring on December 31st of each year. Up to three members may be members of the City Council. The Mayor may appoint members who reside or own real property within the City or the City’s Urban Growth Area. At least seven members shall be residents or property owners within the City. The members of the Veterans Commission shall serve without compensation.

(c)    All members of the Commission shall be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the City or the City’s Urban Growth Area. The initial members shall be appointed for staggered terms of one, two or three years, with three members being appointed for one year, four members being appointed for two years, and four members being appointed for three years. All terms shall end at midnight on December 31st of the final year of appointment.

(d)    With the exception of the City Council appointees, a member of the Commission shall not be an officer, official, or employee of the City. Without exception a member of the Commission shall not be an immediate family member of an officer, official, or employee of the City. For purposes of this section, “immediate family member” means the parents, spouse, siblings, children or dependent relatives of an officer, official, or employee of the City, whether or not living in the household of the officer, official, or employee. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.030 Vacancies.

In the event of a vacancy in office of the Commission, the Mayor shall nominate, and the City Council shall confirm, a person to serve the unexpired portion of the term that is vacated. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.040 Removal.

A member of the Commission may be removed from office by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, only for cause of incapacity, incompetence, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office, a crime involving moral turpitude, or for a disqualifying change of eligibility. The unexcused absence of any member of the Commission from three consecutive meetings of the Commission shall also constitute relinquishment of that person’s membership on the Commission. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.050 Duties.

In addition to fulfilling the purposes set forth in Section 2.70.010, the purposes of the Commission shall be:

(a)    The Commission shall serve as an advisory board to the City Council concerning the wellbeing of military veterans in the Lake Stevens area.

(b)    The Commission shall evaluate and recommend programs, policies, and practices designed to alleviate veterans’ difficulties in meeting basic needs, obtaining housing, employment, and comprehensive mental health assistance.

(c)    The Commission shall act as a central clearinghouse for information relating to the status of veterans in the Lake Stevens community.

(d)    The Commission shall accumulate information concerning the needs of veterans in the Lake Stevens community, including available services and legal rights, and shall serve as an advocate to City Council regarding those needs.

(e)    The Commission shall recommend ways to:

(1)    Educate the community on the status of veterans’ rights and needs, and veterans’ contributions to our community; and

(2)    Stimulate an awareness among the public and private sector of veterans’ full potential and of the importance of veterans’ contributions to the development of the community.

(f)    The Commission shall identify and review the entire range of services available to veterans, and recommend ways to:

(1)    Strengthen and review the entire range of services available to veterans, and pursue new services for veterans;

(2)    Promote collaboration between service providers, employers and the veteran community; and

(3)    Expand resources available to veterans.

(g)    A separate nonprofit corporation with IRS Section 501(c)(3) status organized in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington may be established for the primary purpose of raising funds and acquiring grants and other monies from available funding sources and for providing other functions and services as authorized by law. Funds are to be used in support of programs that are recommended and/or developed and approved by the Veterans’ Commission. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.060 Veterans Commission Manager.

The City Council is hereby authorized to create and establish a Veterans Commission Manager position to carry out administrative, communication and implementation of the Commission’s activities. Said manager may be an employee of the City or an independent contractor with duties, responsibilities and salary or other compensation as established by the City Council. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.070 Rules of procedure.

The Commission is hereby directed to adopt rules of procedures for the orderly and fair conduct of matters coming before the Commission. The Veterans’ Commission shall review and revise the adopted rules of procedures, as necessary, forwarding a copy to the Mayor, City Council and City Administrator. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)

2.70.080 Meetings to be open.

All meetings, actions, hearings and business of the Lake Stevens Veterans’ Commission shall be undertaken in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 42.30 RCW, as if the Commission was a “governing body” as defined in that Act. Notice of all meetings of the Commission shall be issued pursuant to RCW 42.30.080. (Ord. 996, Sec. 1, 2017)