Chapter 3.04


3.04.010    Payment of Claims - Procedure.

3.04.020    Blanket Approval.

3.04.030    Payment of Claims or Obligations of the City.

3.04.010 Payment of Claims - Procedure.

All claims presented against the City by persons furnishing materials, rendering services, or performing labor, or for other contractual services, shall be audited before payment by the City Finance Director/Treasurer, as auditing officer, pursuant to Chapter 2.24. Such claims shall be prepared for audit and payment in compliance with the law in the manner prescribed by the State Auditor’s Office, and shall provide for the authentication and certification by such auditing officer that such materials have been furnished, and services rendered, or labor performed as described, and that the claims of officers or employees of the City for services rendered the City shall be made by the person charged with the duty of preparing and submitting vouchers for the payment of such services, and shall certify that the claim is just, due and unpaid, and which certification shall be a part of the voucher. (Ord. 950, Sec. 1, 2016; Ord. 39, Para 1, 1965)

3.04.020 Blanket Approval.

The State Auditor has approved blanket approval by the Council in the manner hereinafter set forth: That all bills and indebtedness of the City shall be presented to the Council on regular forms approved by the State Auditor. Certification of claims may be made on each individual claim voucher or, subject to the acceptance and approval of the municipal legislative body, a blanket voucher certification may be used so long as it indicates the particular vouchers so certified. (Ord. 950, Sec. 1, 2016; Ord. 61, 1968)


3.04.030 Payment of Claims or Obligations of the City.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.40.020, payment of claims or obligations of the City shall be by check or electronic payment. The qualified public depository, whereon such checks/electronic payments are to be drawn, shall be Wells Fargo. The City officers authorized to sign checks and authorize electronic payment shall be the Mayor, City Finance Director/Treasurer and the City Administrator or designee. Checks shall be signed by any of the foregoing authorized signatories. Checks over $10,000 shall be signed by any two of the foregoing authorized signatories. (Ord. 950, Sec. 1, 2016)