Chapter 3.48


3.48.010    Fund Created

3.48.020    Expenditures

3.48.030    Fund Replenishment

3.48.010 Fund Created.

There is created and established an imprest fund within the General Fund to be designated as the "drug buy fund". This fund shall be in an amount not to exceed two thousand dollars.

3.48.020 Expenditures.

The Police Chief, or his designee, may authorize disbursements and expenditures from the drug buy fund solely for purposes of enforcing state statutes and city ordinances relating to controlled substances. The Police Chief, or his designee, shall keep the following records with respect to all such disbursements and expenditures:

A.    The names and addresses of all persons to whom funds are disbursed;

B.    A description of the use of such funds;

C.    An accounting for all funds which are disbursed but not used.

3.48.030 Fund Replenishment.

When monies are disbursed or expended from the drug buy fund, the fund shall be replenished. The replenishment shall be made by a claims voucher and shall have attached appropriate receipts and/or other readily auditable documentation. Replenishment shall be made from budgeted appropriations in accordance with procedures established by the State Auditor’s office for petty cash funds.

(Ord. 460, 1994)