Chapter 5.18


5.18.010    PastureWaste Management Plan Required

5.18.020    Plan Expiration

5.18.040    Fee

5.18.050    Criteria to be Considered in Approval of Plan

5.18.060    Change in Conditions

5.18.070    Right of Inspection

5.18.080    Plan Enforcement

5.18.100    Disposal of Animals

5.18.110    Violation and Penalty

5.18.010 PastureWaste Management Plan Required.

A.    A pasturewaste management plan must be submitted to and approved by the City of Lake Stevens wherever an owner, tenant or occupant plans to keep farm animals. Such plan shall be by its terms regulate the maximum animals supportable on each individual site, setforth minimum agricultural practices for each individual site and follow guidelines setforth by the Soil Conservation District.

B.    Existing land owners, tenants or occupants who are found to be keeping farm animals prior to the adoption of the Title shall be required to obtain approved pasturewaste management plan if there is a finding of areas of concentrated use, erosion or adverse impact on water quality.

5.18.020 Plan Expiration.

Pasturewaste management plans may be approved and issued for a period of up to five years, subject to mandatory modification and reissue where the areas of concentrated use are found to be developing.

5.18.040 Fee.

Fees for the initial plan review and for any subsequent plan modification review shall be established by the City Council pursuant to such periodic resolution as the Council from time to time updates and approves. The fee shall be in addition to any applicable license, plan, or permit fees under Chapter 5.12.

5.18.050 Criteria to be Considered in Approval of Plan.

Factors including but not limited to the following should be considered when formulating, evaluating or approving individual pasturewaste management plans: soil fertility, type of forage, seasonal growth rate of the vegetation, type of animal and animal needs, amount of supplemental feed, pasture rotation, use of confined areas in winter to reduce compaction and stress on poorer grasses and use of buffer zones and restricted accesses around water courses.

5.18.060 Changes in Conditions.

Any change in the number or size of animals or any evidence of areas of concentrated use shall cause the plan to be subject to modification, review and reissue.

5.18.070 Right of Inspection.

It is a condition of issuance of any plan approved under this Chapter that the site shall be subject to follow-up inspections.

5.18.080 Plan Enforcement.

Whenever failure to conform to the terms and conditions of an approved pasturewaste management plan is found, the plan approval may be revoked and the farm animal owner and or the property owner, tenant and/or occupant shall be deemed to be in violation of this ordinance.

5.18.100 Disposal of Animals.

Any person whose plan approval is revoked shall within ten days thereafter humanely dispose of all animals owned, kept, harbored or controlled by such person. No part of the plan review fees shall be refunded.

5.18.110 Violation and Penalty.

A.    Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter or violation of any provision of this chapter is a civil infraction for first and second offenses occurring within a 365 day period.

1.    For the first offense the fee for such violation shall be set equivalent to the Basic Rule violation as set forth in the Justice Information System (JIS) Law Table as published by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

2.    For the second offense the fee for such violation shall be set equivalent to double the Basic Rule violation as set forth in the Justice Information System (JIS) Law Table as published by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

B.    Third or subsequent offenses of this chapter within a 365 day period shall either be

1.    A misdemeanor subject to a jail term of not more than 90 days, a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both such fine and imprisonment or

2.    Subject to enforcement pursuant to Title 17 of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code.

(Ord. 717, 2005)