Chapter 5.44


5.44.010    Animal Control Authority--Duties

5.44.020    Authority

5.44.030    Administration

5.44.040    Identification

5.44.050    Entry and Inspection

5.44.060    Citizen’s Complaints

5.44.070    Separability

5.44.010 Animal Control Authority--Duties.

It is the responsibility of the animal control authority to enforce provisions of this title.

5.44.020 Authority.

The animal control authority is empowered to exercise the authority of peace officers to the extent necessary to enforce this title, which power includes issuance of such citation, seizure and impoundment of animals subject to this title including pursuit onto City-owned property, vacant property and on enclosed private property and subsequent impoundment.

5.44.030 Administration.

The Chief of Police is authorized to develop whatever administrative procedures may be necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter.

5.44.040 Identification.

Members of the animal control authority enforcing this title shall bear satisfactory identification reflecting the authority under which they act, which identification shall be shown to any person requesting it.

5.44.050 Entry and Inspection.

Unless otherwise provided, members of the animal control authority may enter and inspect the premises to enforce the provisions of this title under the following circumstances:

A.    With the consent of the owner, to determine compliance with the provisions of this title,

B.    With or without a warrant when in hot pursuit of an animal observed at large,

C.    To enforce this title when equipped with a properly issued search warrant,

D.    In the absence of the owner when, in the judgment of the animal control authority an animal on such premises needs immediate assistance or to prevent its death or serious injury.

5.44.060 Citizen’s Complaints.

Any person may fix a complaint against any suspected violation of this title upon submission of a written statement. Such complaint should be filed with the animal control authority which may require the abatement, discontinuance or remedial requirements of the use if it finds that the use or property conditions are in violation of this title or otherwise a hazard to the public health, safety and welfare. In the event the owner of the premises upon which the animal is maintained, or the owner of the animal, fails to comply with the order of the animal control authority within the time prescribed, the person or persons shall be subject to liability in a court of competent jurisdiction, and each day of continued violation shall be deemed a separate and additional offense.

5.44.070 Separability.

Each separate provision of this ordinance shall be deemed independent of all other provisions herein, if any provision of this ordinance be declared invalid, all other provisions thereof shall remain valid and enforceable.

(Ord. 717, 2005)