Chapter 6.20


6.20.010    Sewer Service Charge

6.20.020    Rates for Specific Classes of Users

6.20.030    Delinquent Payment of Charges

6.20.040    Billings

6.20.050    Notices and Billings to Agent in Lieu of Owner

6.20.060    Sewerage Lien- Extension of Coverage

6.20.010 Sewer Service Charge.

(a)    Sewer service charges are due on the first day of each month, being the first day of the monthly billing period for which the charges are made. Statements will be mailed by the City to sewer customers, but sewer charges are due whether statements are sent and/or received.

(b)    Upon construction of new structures, sewer service charges shall be billed from the date of occupancy or upon final building permit approval, whichever event occurs first.

(c)    When existing structures convert to sewer, sewer service charges shall begin the date the side sewer installation was finaled/approved and accepted by the Public Works Department.

6.20.020 Rates for Specific Classes of Users.

(a)    It is hereby established that sewer rates for all classes of users shall be established by resolution. The classes of users shall be:

(1)    Single family residence

(2)    Duplex, triplex, trailer or mobile home

(3)    Hotel, motel

(4)    Multiple family residence, trailer court, mobile home court, and other than (1) or (2)

(5)    Business and commercial

(6)    Schools

(7)    Low income senior citizens and low income disabled persons.

The following definitions apply:

(1)    Low Income: A household in which the total annual household income from all sources is less than the maximum annual income levels established by HUD for low income in the Lake Stevens area. This level shall be set annually, in December of each year for the following 12 month period.

(2)    Senior Citizens: Shall be restricted to family household units primarily occupied by a senior citizen being 62 years of age or older at the time an application is submitted in which service is billed to and paid by said person.

(3)    Disabled Persons: Having the inability to do any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determined physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. Class 7 is restricted to single family household units primarily occupied by a handicapped person in which service is billed to and paid by said person.

(b)    Applicants for inclusion in Class 7 must complete an information form, supplied by the City, including the following information and affidavit: Name, Street Address, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Age, Birth date, Number of persons in household, Total annual income from all sources, a copy of the most recent federal income tax return filed, Documentation of Disability (if applicable), AFFIDAVIT: I CERTIFY (OR DECLARE) UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON THAT THE FOREGOING IS TRUE AND CORRECT.

(c)    Class 7 applies to residents who might otherwise be included in Class 1, individual residences in Class 2, and Class 4, and is not available for Class 3, Class 5 or Class 6.

6.20.030 Delinquent Payment of Charges.

All sewer connection and sewer service charges more than thirty days past due, are subject to an interest penalty at a rate established by resolution. (Ord. 476, 1995)

6.20.040 Billings.

All accounts for utilities shall be kept in the name of the property owner or purchaser of the property and not in the name of the tenant. Nothing in this section shall prevent a tenant from paying a utility bill, which has been billed to an owner. Failure to receive such bills shall not relieve any person liable from the obligation to pay the same, nor the property receiving such service, or capable of receiving such service, from such lien as may thereafter attach to the property in the manner provided by law. (Ord. 679, Sec. 8, 2003; Ord. 476, 1995)

6.20.050 Notices and Billings to Agent in Lieu of Owner.

Any person who has the care, custody, control or management of any premises or buildings, or who has control of the operation therefor or the collection of rentals therefrom, shall, for the purpose of this chapter, be deemed to be the agent of the owner of such premises or building, and the giving of all notices herein provided to that agent shall be deemed due notice to the owner. The mailing or delivery of bills for sewer service charges, permit fees, connection or trunkage charges, or other charges to that agent shall be deemed mailing or delivery to the owner. (Ord. 476, 1995)

6.20.060 Sewerage Lien –Extension of Coverage.

Pursuant to RCW 35.67.215, the City’s sewerage lien shall be effective for a total not to exceed one year’s delinquent service charges without the necessity of any writing or recording of the lien with the County Auditor, in lieu of the provisions provided for in RCW 35.67.210. (Ord. 696, 2004)