Chapter 6.28


6.28.010    Definitions

6.28.020    Fats, Oil and Grease Management

6.28.030    Installation

6.28.040    City of Lake Stevens Standards

6.28.050    City of Lake Stevens Standards

6.28.060    Education

6.28.070    Compliance Schedule

6.28.080    Penalties

6.28.010 Definitions.

Fats, Oil and Grease (F.O.G.) Management shall mean a management plan for commercial establishments that generate fats, oil and grease that is subject to discharge into sanitary sewer system.

6.28.020 Fats, Oil and Grease Management.

All commercial establishments generating fats, oil and grease shall have a management plan, which is to be approved by the City. The plan is to include the following:

6.28.030 Installation.

The installation or modification of grease interceptors, traps or biological process should meet City of Lake Stevens or District standards. The functions of the grease interceptors, traps or biological process should operate such that they do not allow fats, oil and grease to plug sewer mains.

(Ord. 679, Sec. 11, 2003)

6.28.040 City of Lake Stevens Standards.

All commercial and/or retail food preparation operations, regardless of size, shall install, operate and maintain a grease interceptor. These removal systems, normally used to treat wastewater for removal of fat or grease, must comply with the following:

a.    The effluent shall not contain in excess of 100 mg/1 of animal/vegetable (Polar) fats, oils and grease;

b.    The City shall be provided with a suitable location for representative sampling of effluent, and this sample site shall be accessible to agency personnel for the purpose of compliance determination sampling.

Interceptors should either meet the sizing criteria set forth in the Uniform Plumbing Code or be sized in accordance with the guidelines supplied by the manufacturer of the interceptor.

(Ord. 690, Sec. 2, 2004; Ord. 679, Sec. 11, 2003)

6.28.050 City of Lake Stevens Standards.

The installation or modification shall include written maintenance instructions and record keeping, including:

a.    Maintenance inspections;

b.    Emergency telephone contacts;

c.    Failures;

d.    Repair history.

The installation shall be located so that it is accessible for sampling, cleaning and inspection and shall be kept in continuously efficient operation at all times.

The owner shall permit the inspector of City of Lake Stevens, with proper identification credentials, to enter upon any and all premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection, observation, measurement, sampling and testing of the wastewater discharge.

Approval of the commercial establishment’s grease management plan does not, in any way, guarantee that the facilities, equipment or procedures set forth in the plan will meet City of Lake Stevens standards, nor shall it relieve the owner of the business from the responsibility of enlarging or otherwise modifying such facilities to accomplish the intended purpose, and limit the discharge of F.O.G. to meet City standards.

6.28.060 Education.

It is the employer’s responsibility to prepare written instructions pertaining to the specific business needs for proper handling and disposal of fats, oil and grease. This is to include the following:

a.    Staff person in charge of the program;

b.    Identification of fats, oil and grease sources;

c.    Employee training manual with scheduled new employee training and continuous education program;

d.    Disposal and recycling programs used;

e.    List all required functions related to fats, oil and grease housekeeping practices;

f.    Provide visual signs at specific sites for related tasks required;

g.    Contact names and phone numbers for emergencies;

h.    Documentation of actions by date, including training sign-off sheets, maintenance, cleaning and incident reports.

This manual shall be included in the business’s fats, oil and grease management plan.

6.28.070 Compliance Schedule.

Effective June 1, 2003, all new sewer connection requests will require the applicant to complete a form whether or not the business will generate fats, oil or grease. The business, if it falls under this category, will be required to submit a management plan and comply to this plan before the connection is approved.

Existing commercial establishments shall have until June 1, 2004 to bring themselves into compliance. If no plan is submitted, the City shall have the authority to assess penalties to the business for each month the plan is not in effect and the business will be liable for any damages resulting from employee negligence and/or failed system, and any additional maintenance required. Existing commercial establishments shall have the opportunity to apply to the Public Works Department for City participation in the installation costs. City participation will be determined by the Public Works Department assessment of the extra maintenance required resulting from fats, oil or grease discharged into the City’s sewer mains or the Lake Stevens Sewer District system from the business.

6.28.080 Penalties.

The City will assess penalties against the business based on the following:

a.    Cost of extra maintenance resulting from fats, oil or grease discharged into the City’s sewer mains or the Lake Stevens Sewer District system from the business;

b.    Damages resulting from non-compliance with the management plan in effect for the business;

c.    No management plan implemented;

d.    Violation of City of Lake Stevens’ standards. (Ord. 679, Sec. 11, 2003)