Chapter 7.16


7.16.010    Unlawful Park/Store, Leaving of any Licensed or Unlicensed Motor Vehicle

7.16.020    Nuisance

7.16.030    Written Notice of Removal

7.16.040    Impounding Vehicles

7.16.050    Abandoned Vehicles

7.16.060    Parking on Street or Publicly Owned Property

7.16.070    Moving Vehicles

7.16.080    Violation and Penalty

7.16.010 Unlawful Park/Store, Leaving of any Licensed or Unlicensed Motor Vehicle.

It shall be unlawful to park any motor vehicle for a period of time in excess of seventy two (72) hours, which is in abandoned condition, upon any public or private property within the City, unless the same is completely enclosed within a building or unless it is in connection with a business enterprise properly operated in the appropriate business zone, pursuant to the zoning laws of said City.

7.16.020 Nuisance.

Any abandoned vehicle parked, in violation of the provisions of Section 7.16.020, shall constitute rubbish and unsightly debris and a nuisance detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitant of the City, and it shall be the duty of the registered or other owner of such vehicle, and/or the duty of the owner of the private property or of the lessee or other person in possession of the private property upon which such vehicle is located, either to remove the same from the City, or to have the same housed in a building where it will not be visible from the street or other private property.

7.16.030 Written Notice of Removal.

An Officer shall post a Notice of Violation on any vehicle believed to be in violation of this Chapter. The notice shall contain:

A.    The location and description of the vehicle;

B.    Time and date notice is posted;

C.    Officers name and/or identifying number;

D.    Description or code number of the violation;

E.    Instructions for compliance and time limit by which to respond or comply; and

F.    Phone numbers for contact.

7.16.040 Impounding Vehicles.

The City may tow a vehicle that is in violation of 7.16.050 twenty-four (24) hours after posting a Notice of Violation on the vehicle, unless the vehicle owner or person having control of the vehicle contacts the Police Department and provides a reasonable explanation of why the vehicle cannot be moved and agrees to a timely date by which the vehicle will be removed.

7.16.050 Abandoned Vehicles.

It is unlawful to abandon a vehicle on public property or right-of-way.

7.16.060 Parking on Street or Publicly Owned Property.

It is unlawful to park, store, or leave a vehicle unmoved on public property or right-of-way in excess of seventy-two (72) hours.

7.16.070 Moving Vehicles.

It is unlawful to periodically move a vehicle from one location on public property or right-of-way to another location on public property or right-of-way in an effort to avoid compliance with this Chapter. It is not a violation of this Chapter to move a vehicle between public property or right-of-way and a location other than public property or right-of-way as permitted by law or ordinance.

7.16.080 Violation and Penalty.

Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter, or violation of any provision of this chapter is a civil infraction for first and second offenses occurring within a 365 day period. Third or subsequent offenses within a 365 day period shall either be 1) a misdemeanor subject to a jail term of not more than one year, a fine of not more than $1,000.00, or both such fine and imprisonment or 2) subject to enforcement pursuant to Title 17 of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code. (Ord. 623, Sec. 3, 2001: Ord. 604, Sec. 3, 1999: Ord. 42, 1966)