Title 9
Criminal Code


9.04    General Provisions

9.08    Crimes Relating to Persons

9.12    Crimes Relating to Children and Minors

9.16    Crimes Relating to Public Morals

9.20    Crimes Relating to Public Peace

9.24    Crimes Relating to Fire

9.28    Crimes Relating to Property

9.32    Crimes Relating to Fraud and False Representations

9.34    Crimes Relating to Gambling

9.36    Crimes Relating to Public Officers

9.40    Crime Relating to Controlled Substances, Drug Paraphernalia, Poisons and Toxic Fumes

9.44    Crimes Relating to Alcoholic Beverages

9.48    Crimes Relating to Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

9.52    Miscellaneous Crimes

9.54    Repealed

9.56    Noise Control

9.60    Nuisance Activity

9.64    Fireworks

9.68    Mayor’s Emergency Powers

9.72    Civil Violations

9.76    False Alarms