Chapter 9.12


9.12.010    Statute Adopted

9.12.020    Leaving Children Unattended

9.12.010 Statute Adopted.

The following state statute, including all future amendment additions or deletions, is adopted by reference:

(a)    RCW 9.68A.090, Communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

(b)    RCW 13.32A.080, Unlawful harboring of a minor--Penalties--Defense--Prosecution of adult for involving child in commission of offense.

(c)    RCW 9A.44.132, Failure to register as sex offender or kidnapping offender--Refusal to provide DNA. (Ord. 994, Sec. 1, 2017; Ord. 873, Sec. 3, 2012)

9.12.020 Leaving Children Unattended.

(a)    It is unlawful for any person having the care, custody and/or control of minor children under the age of eight years, to leave such children in a parked automobile unless attended by a person over the age of 12 years, while such vehicle is standing upon a street or alley or in a public place. Every person convicted of a violation of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of leaving children unattended, a misdemeanor.

(b)    Statute Adopted.

(1)    RCW 9.91.060, Leaving children unattended in parked automobile.

(2)    RCW 46.61.685, Leaving children unattended in standing vehicle with motor running. (Ord. 873, Sec. 3, 2012; Ord. 448, Sec. 3, 1994)