Chapter 10.28


10.28.010    Unsafe Piers

10.28.020    Mooring at Private Docks Without Permission

10.28.030    Boat Rental Records

10.28.040    Violations and Penalties

10.28.010 Unsafe Piers.

Whenever any pier or gangway devoted to public use appears to be dangerous for such use, the Chief of Police shall report the matter to the City Building Official who shall inspect the same and shall order any unsafe portion barricaded with proper fencing until such time as necessary repairs shall be made. If the owner, agent or lessee of such pier fails to comply with the orders of the building official immediately, the building official shall prohibit the use of the unsafe portion of such pier and may erect the necessary fencing or barricade, and the expense shall be paid by and recoverable from the owner, agent, or lessee of such pier to the City. It is unlawful for any person to allow any such pier or gangway to be used or open to use. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)

10.28.020 Mooring at Private Docks Without Permission.

No person shall moor a watercraft or vessel to a private seawall or dock or beach it upon private property within the City without the permission of the owner thereof, except in emergency situations. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)

10.28.030 Boat Rental Records.

The owner or proprietor of a boat rental or charter operation shall cause to be kept a record of the name and address of the person or persons hiring any watercraft, the identification number of such watercraft, the departure date and time and the date and time of the return of such watercraft.

Such record shall be preserved for not less than six months after the departure date of such watercraft and shall be kept available for inspection by any duly authorized agency or authority. Prior to departure from the premises of such boat rental or charter operation, any such watercraft shall carry the equipment required by this title. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)

10.28.040 Violations and Penalties.

Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter or violation of any provision of this chapter is subject to enforcement under Title 17, “Uniform Enforcement Code,” including civil enforcement penalties in Chapter 17.60 and criminal penalties in Chapter 17.90. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)