Chapter 10.36


10.36.010    Special Regulations Establishment

10.36.020    Police Chief Duties

10.36.030    Vessels and Watercraft -- Habitation Prohibited

10.36.040    Local Excise Tax -- Payment Required

10.36.050    Severability

10.36.010 Special Regulations Establishment.

Special regulations for permitting a specific water use activity, establishment of course or limitation of hours of operation may be enacted by presentation to the City Council of a plan for implementation of such regulations including establishment and maintenance of floats, buoys, safety patrols, and other measure to permit the activity without undue restriction on other permitted water uses and without undue demand on the comfort, repose and safety of other water and shoreline users. Water use activities or facilities may also be regulated by the Shoreline Master Program. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023; Ord. 881, Sec. 7, 2013)

10.36.020 Police Chief Duties.

The Police Chief or designee is hereby authorized and directed to prepare, post and maintain at convenient public places adjacent to the lake in this City public notices which shall specify the current specified restrictions as set out in this title.

Such notices shall be conspicuously posted on or adjacent to every public launching ramp and/or wharf and at such other locations as will reasonably inform the public of these restrictions. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023; Ord. 1042, Sec. 2, 2018)

10.36.030 Vessels and Watercraft -- Habitation Prohibited.

No boat, vessel, watercraft or houseboat, moored in the lake or off any shoreline of the City, shall be used as a place of habitation. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)

10.36.040 Local Excise Tax -- Payment Required.

No person shall moor, store, or operate a vessel within the City’s jurisdiction without displaying evidence of compliance with the applicable Snohomish County ordinance or resolution which imposes a local excise tax pursuant to RCW 82.49.070.

Any and all fines collected for violation of this section shall be in addition to the tax required to be paid under the applicable Snohomish County ordinance or resolution. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023)

10.36.050 Severability.

If any court shall find any provision of this title or its application to any person or circumstance to be unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, such finding shall not affect the validity of all remaining portions of this title or the applicability of this title to other persons or circumstances. (Ord. 1157, Sec. 1, 2023; Ord. 453, 1994: Ord. 334, 1989: Ord. 314, 1988: Ord. 150, 1976; Ord. 23, 1963)