Provisions of This Title Not Exclusive.
Conflicting Provisions.

This title shall be known as the Lakewood Public Works Code, may be cited as such, and will be referred to herein as “these regulations.” The term “these regulations” shall also include other provisions of the Lakewood Municipal Code (LMC) that are referenced herein. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)


These regulations establish criteria for review and analysis by the City Engineer, and/or the designee thereof, of all development proposals including, but not limited to the following: grading, formal subdivision, short subdivision, commercial building, binding site plans, mobile home parks, utility or other work within City right of way, or other projects. All development proposals, whether public or private, which are submitted to the City for review, shall conform to these regulations, which are to be used as the basis for review, design, and construction.

These regulations cannot address all situations. They are intended to assist, but not to substitute for professional engineers to submit competent work. It is expected that the applicant's professional engineer will bring to each project the best of his/her skills and abilities to ensure that each project is thoroughly analyzed and designed correctly, accurately, and in compliance with generally accepted engineering practices. These regulations are not intended to unreasonably limit any innovative or creative effort in design and construction which could result in better quality, cost savings, or improved performance of a development project.

The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that minimum public safety requirements are met and to provide the most effective and appropriate design elements for the function each project serves. The appropriate design elements should address safety, welfare, appearance, and economics of a facility design and be consistent with City Comprehensive Plan policies.

These regulations are based on the premise that development should not impact adjacent and/or downstream property owners compared to the predevelopment condition. The project engineer shall show by calculations, plans, and engineering data that the proposed project meets the requirements of these regulations.

It is not the intent of these regulations to make the City of Lakewood a guarantor or protector of public or private property in regard to land development activity. (Ord. 583 § 1, 2014; Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)


This code establishes the standards for construction, improvement and maintenance of street system improvements and storm drainage facilities, utilities, grading and clearing, emergency vehicle access, and related amenities, whether such activities occur on public rights-of-way or on private lands. Further, this code establishes procedures to administer these standards. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)

12A.01.040Provisions of This Title Not Exclusive.

Other provisions of the LMC apply to the development or improvement of real property. The provisions of this title are not exclusive. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)

12A.01.050Conflicting Provisions.

In the case where any provision of Title 12A of the LMC is or could be construed as being in conflict with any other provision of the LMC or any of the manuals adopted by reference herein, the provision of Title 12A shall control, and the provisions of the LMC shall, to the fullest extent reasonably possible, be construed and interpreted consistent with the purposes of Title 12A. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)


The sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, and phrases of this title are severable. If any such section, paragraph, sentence, clause, or phrase is declared unconstitutional or otherwise invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction in a valid judgment or decree, such unconstitutionality or invalidity shall not affect any of the remaining sections, paragraphs, sentences, clauses, or phrases of this title, which shall continue in full force and effect. Further, if any section, paragraph, sentence, clause, or phrase of this title is adjudged invalid or unconstitutional as applied to a particular property, use, building, or other structure, the application of said portion of this title to other property, uses, buildings, or structures shall not be affected. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)