Record (As-Built) Drawings.
Certification from Engineer (Storm Drainage System).
City Acceptance.
One-year Guarantee Period.
12A.06.010Record (As-Built) Drawings.

Record drawings (sometimes referred to as “As-Built” drawings) shall be required for all development as deemed necessary by the City Engineer. A full-size set of record drawings shall be reviewed, edited (e.g., strike throughs, clouds, etc), stamped, and signed by a licensed professional engineer or surveyor, and submitted prior to the City's acceptance of any improvement. Along with a hard copy, a digital copy of the record drawings produced using AutoCAD software (most recent edition) shall also be provided to the City. Each sheet of the record drawings shall include the following statement located at the bottom right-hand corner of the sheet when possible:

"These plans are record drawings and the information shown accurately reflects existing field conditions as of this date: _____________."

The following, as applicable, shall be included in all record drawing submittals:

A. Roadway centerline stationing at minimum 50-foot spacing. Stationing shall include elevations and horizontal control in state plane coordinates.

B. Right-of-way lines and property lines

C. Locations, widths, and composition of travel lanes, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, medians, planter strips, irrigation systems, shoulders and bike lanes.

D. Street light locations and types.

E. Utility locations.

F. Street names.

G. Pavement markings and street signs.

H. Type and widths of easements.

I. Catch basin type, location, rim elevation, bottom elevation, and inlet/outlet invert elevation.

J. Storm drain pipe size, composition, location, and invert slope.

K. Detention/retention/infiltration facility location, and inlet/outlet locations and elevations. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)

12A.06.020Certification from Engineer (Storm Drainage System).

Prior to final inspection and approval of work under site development permits, the project engineer shall submit a letter to the City certifying that the storm drainage system has been completed. The letter of certification shall be stamped and signed by the project engineer and shall be worded as follows:

"I have inspected the constructed storm drainage control facility located on the project known as ________________________ and based on the standard of care and expertise which is usual and customary in this community for professional engineers, I find that it substantially conforms to the terms and conditions of the site development permit and the accepted design for the project."

The certification letter shall reference, if applicable, the building permit number(s), site development permit number, plat name, project name, street address, and the Section, Township, and Range. Any alterations to the system which vary from the accepted design shall be listed in the certification letter or noted on record drawings as required by the City Engineer. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)

12A.06.030City Acceptance.

A project is final when a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the City or after the project's final inspection is approved (when not associated with a building permit or a subdivision). (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)

12A.06.040One-year Guarantee Period.

The applicant shall be responsible for correcting all defects in workmanship and material within one year after Final Acceptance of this work by the City. The applicant shall start work to remedy such defects within seven (7) calendar days of written notice of discovery thereof by the City and shall complete such work within the time stated in the notice. In emergencies, where damage may result from delay or where loss of services may result, such corrections may be made by City, in which case the cost shall be borne by applicant. In the event the applicant does not accomplish corrections at the time specified, the work will be otherwise accomplished and the cost of same shall be paid by applicant.

When corrections of defects are made, the applicant shall then be responsible for correcting all defects in workmanship and materials in the corrected work for one year after acceptance of the corrections by City. (Ord. 501 § 3 (part), 2009.)