Planning Commission Created.
Planning agency identified.
Terms and Vacancies.
Jurisdiction, powers and authority.
Rules of procedure.
Construction of Planning Advisory Board.
2.90.010Planning Commission Created.

The city hereby creates a planning commission consistent with Chapter 35A.63 RCW. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)

2.90.011Planning agency identified.

There shall be not more than 7 members of the Board who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council. The members shall be residents of the City unless the Council finds that appointment of a non-resident, by virtue of business involvement or expertise, will benefit the Commission and ultimately the City. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)


The members of the Commission shall be appointed from among members of the public to include, to the extent reasonably possible, representation from people involved with or interested in the various opportunities and projects to enhance the provision of Planning in the City. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)

2.90.030Terms and Vacancies.

The members of the Commission shall serve for a term of five (5) years. It is provided, however, that the first four (4) members to be appointed shall be initially appointed for four (4) year terms and the second three (3) members to be appointed shall be initially appointed for two (2) year terms. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)

2.90.040Jurisdiction, powers and authority.

The jurisdiction, powers and authority of the planning commission, as these relate to matters covered by LMC are established in this Chapter. In addition, the city council may, from time to time, grant to the planning commission such other jurisdiction, powers, duties and authority as City Council deems appropriate and consistent with state and city law. The planning commission shall work in accordance with a work plan as detailed in LMC Chapter 2.68. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)

2.90.050Rules of procedure.

The planning commission may from time to time establish and publish rules of procedure for the efficient and fair conduct of its business, consistent with state law and city ordinances. (Ord. 594 § 10 (part), 2014.)

2.90.060Construction of Planning Advisory Board.

All references to the Planning Advisory Board in other sections of the Lakewood Municipal Code, unless the context reflects otherwise, shall be construed as meaning the Planning Commission provided for in this Chapter. (Ord. 604 § 1, 2015.)