Funding Line-Item Created.
Crime Prevention Funding - Contribution Required.
3.56.010Funding Line-Item Created.

There is created within the Police Services budget of the City of Lakewood a separate line-item to be known as “Crime Prevention Funding.” Monies deposited in this line-item shall be used for funding Police and Administration of Justice projects and activities geared towards crime prevention, including but not limited to: publications and dissemination of crime prevention information and for funding of other crime prevention projects and purposes, and for general police activities responding to and addressing the effects of crime within the community, and for any other purposes geared to improve administration of the criminal justice system, as determined and approved by the City Council. (Ord. 218 § 1 (part), 1999.)

3.56.020Crime Prevention Funding - Contribution Required.

In any case where an accused has been convicted of any of the below listed crimes, there shall be, in addition to any fine levied, a penalty in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00), per charge, which penalty shall be non-suspendable, and which shall be deposited into the Crime Prevention Funding line-item. The fact that this penalty is imposed on each charge shall not in any way reduce the obligation of the accused to pay any other cost, fine or penalty prescribed by the court.


Aiming or Discharging Firearms 9.41.230/9.34.900 Misd

Animal Cruelty in the 2nd degree 16.52.207/9.10.900 Misd

Animal Violations (taking, killing) 9.08.070/9.10.900 Gross Misd

Assault in the 4th degree 9A.36.041/9.14.900 Gross Misd

Assault in 4th degree/DV 9A.36.041/9.14.900 Gross Misd

Carrying a Pistol 9.41.050/9.34.900 Misd

Causing Unnecessary Emergency Response 9.78.020 Misd

Coercion 9A.36.070/9.14.900 Gross Misd

Criminal Trespass 1st degree 9A.52.070/9.90.900 Gross Misd

Criminal Trespass 2nd degree 9A.52.080/9.90.900 Misd

Dangerous Dog Violation 6.10.050 Misd

Dangerous Weapons 9.41.250/9.34.900 Gross Misd

Disorderly Conduct 9A.84.030/9.78.010 Misd

Displaying a Weapon 9.41.270/9.34.900 Misd

DWLS/R 1st degree 46.20.342/MTO Gross Misd

DWLS/R 2nd degree 46.20.342/MTO Gross Misd

DWLS/R 3rd degree 46.20.342/MTO Misd

DUI 46.61.502/MTO Gross Misd

Escape in 3rd degree 9A.76.130/9.70.900 Gross Misd

False Reporting 9A.84.040/9.78.900 Gross Misd

Furnishing Liquor to Minors 66.44.270/9.46.900 Misd/Gross Misd

Harassment 9.42.020 Gross Misd

Hit & Run Attended/Property 46.52.020/MTO Gross Misd

Hit & Run Unattended 46.52.010/MTO Misd

Indecent Exposure 9.82.010 Misd/Gross Misd

Inhaling Toxic Fumes 9.47A.020/9.22.900 Misd

Leaving Child Unattended in Vehicle 9.91.060/9.62.900 Gross Misd

Malicious Mischief 3rd degree 9A.48.090/9.48.900 Misd/Gross Misd

Minors Frequenting Taverns 66.44.310/9.46.900 Misd

Minor in Possession/Consumption 66.44.270/9.46.900 Misd/Gross Misd

Minor Purchasing Liquor 66.44.290/9.46.900 Misd/Gross Misd

Negligent Driving - 1st Degree 46.61.525/MTO Misd

Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer 9A.76.020/9.70.900 Gross Misd

Official Misconduct 9A.80.010/9.70.900 Gross Misd

Opening or Consuming Liquor in Public 66.44.100/9.46.900 Misd

Patronizing a Prostitute 9A.88.110/9.82.900 Misd

Permitting Prostitution 9A.88.090/9.82.900 Misd

Physical Control 46.61.504/MTO Gross Misd

Possession of Dangerous Weapon 9.41.250/9.34.900 Gross Misd

Possession of Stolen Property 3rd degree 9A.56.170/9.86.900 Gross Misd

Possession of Marijuana 9.22.010 Misd

Prostitution 9A.88.030/9.82.900 Misd

Reckless Driving 46.61.500/MTO Gross Misd

Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree 9A.36.050/9.14.900 Gross Misd

Refusal to Give Information 46.61.020/MTO Misd

Resisting Arrest 9A.76.040/9.70.900 Misd

Sales of Liquor to Minors 66.44.320/9.46.900 Misd/Gross Misd

Stalking 9.42.030 Gross Misd

Theft in 3rd degree 9A.56.050/9.86.900 Gross Misd

Vehicle Prowling 2nd degree 9A.52.100/9.90.900 Gross Misd

Violation of Order Restricting Contact 9A.46.0890/9.42.900 Gross Misd

Violation of Protection Order 26.50.110/9.26.900 Gross Misd (Ord. 218 § 1 (part), 1999.)