Ordinance Table

This table lists all ordinances. If an ordinance is codified, its location in the code is cited by chapter number at the end of the ordinance description. Ordinances are codified if they are general, permanent, and/or include penalty provisions for noncompliance. “Not codified” indicates that the ordinance could have been codified but was not for some reason (e.g., superseded by a later enactment, codified in a separate publication). “Special” means the ordinance was special in nature or for a specific period of time (e.g., budget, annexation, tax levy).

If an ordinance number is underlined, click on it to search for citations to that ordinance in the code. If there is a PDF icon next to the number, click on it to view the ordinance itself.

30 Ord. 30 PDF

Real Estate Excise Tax - Second half ¼ percent (Not adopted)

228 Ord. 228 PDF

Sign codes amendment relative to bus shelters (Not adopted)

231 Ord. 231 PDF

Puget Sound Energy electrical system acquisition May 16, 2000 election (Not adopted)

238 Ord. 238 PDF

Watercraft regulations noise prevention (Not adopted)

335 Ord. 335 PDF

Lakewood Area Neighborhood Association creation (Not adopted)

336 Ord. 336 PDF

Street vacation 77th Street W right-of-way south of Custer Road, east of Bridgeport Way and north of Fleet Creek to expand Classy Chassis business at 7701 Custer Road W (Not adopted)

353 Ord. 353 PDF

Election on September 14, 2004 setting a maximum limit on regular property tax levy rate at not greater than $1.484 per $1,000 for 6 years starting in 2005; and appointing committees to write pro and con statements in the voters pamphlet (Not adopted)


Moratorium for filing of applications for licenses, permits and approvals of new residential and commercial development in various areas of Tillicum neighborhood for six months (Not adopted)


Moratorium on gambling (casino gambling) for an additional six months (Not adopted)

493 Ord. 493 PDF

Social card games prohibition and vested rights for existing establishments Chapter 5.18 of the Municipal Code (Not adopted)

508 Ord. 508 PDF

Interim zoning on eating and drinking establishments greater than 10,000 square feet interim moratorium (Not adopted)


Property tax levy for 2014 (Not adopted)

628 Ord. 628 PDF

Transportation Benefit District assumption and Chapter 12A.16 of LMC amendments (Not adopted)

660 Ord. 660 PDF

Adds §§ 9A.04.025 and 9A.04.030; amends §§ 9A.04.020 and 9A.04.020A, aggressive begging (Not adopted)

666 Ord. 666 PDF

Right-of-way vacation (Not adopted)