Chapter 18.10


18.10.010    Purpose and intent.

18.10.020    Relationship to P-1 zoning district.

18.10.030    Geographic applicability.

18.10.040    Principal uses.

18.10.050    Conditional uses.

18.10.060    Supplemental use standards.

18.10.010 Purpose and intent.

For consistency with the comprehensive plan and to recognize and support the historic role of the Island County Fair, the intent of this chapter is to establish a range of permitted uses and standards governing those uses that might otherwise not be permitted within the P-1 underlying zoning district. (Ord. 914, 2008)

18.10.020 Relationship to P-1 zoning district.

The fairgrounds overlay district shall be considered an overlay to the underlying P-1 zoning district. Development within the fairgrounds overlay district shall meet the requirements both of this chapter and Chapter 18.19, P-1 Zone – Public Use. (Ord. 914, 2008)

18.10.030 Geographic applicability.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply solely to the area located on the westerly side of Langley Road as identified on the official zoning map, constituting that area owned by Island County, with an underlying zoning designation of P-1, public use, and operated by a public or nonprofit agency. (Ord. 1023 § 1, 2015; Ord. 1016 § 1, 2015; Ord. 914, 2008)

18.10.040 Principal uses.

The following uses are permitted as principal uses within the fairgrounds overlay district. Refer to Section 18.10.060 for the list of supplemental use standards that govern some of these principal uses. All proposed new uses or changes of use require city review and approval prior to commencing such uses.

A. Administrative and business support services (see Section 18.10.060(A)).

B. Carnival and amusement rides.

C. Child care (see Section 18.10.060(B)).

D. Circuses (see Section 18.10.060(C)).

E. Commercial product sales, testing and demonstration (see Section 18.10.060(L)).

F. Camping (day or overnight).

G. Disaster or emergency response staging areas (see Section 18.10.060(H)).

H. Structure and vehicle maintenance related to the fairgrounds.

I. Fairs, festivals, rodeos, bazaars, garage sales, flea markets or similar events.

J. Automated teller machines during events.

K. Food and beverage services, including banquets, catering and concessions (see Section 18.10.060(D)).

L. Hostels or similar hospitality service.

M. Human health and welfare services (see Section 18.10.060(E)).

N. Live entertainment (see Section 18.10.060(F)).

O. Livestock, pet or other animal or agricultural exhibitions, shows, competitions, training or sales.

P. Meetings, conferences or symposia.

Q. Outdoor recreation, picnics or social events.

R. Political events, public meetings or occupational training.

S. Recreational vehicle or tent camping.

T. Religious, educational, charitable or community events.

U. Straw and manure holding facilities.

V. Telecommunications facilities.

W. Theatrical productions, filming or photographic shoots.

X. Therapeutic riding.

Y. Trade and consumer shows.

Z. Temporary warehousing, storage or distribution (see Section 18.10.060(G)).

AA. Recycling or composting activities.

BB. Community based agriculture.

CC. Health or dance classes. (Ord. 914, 2008)

18.10.050 Conditional uses.

(See Section 18.10.060(I).) The following uses are permitted as conditional uses within the fairgrounds overlay district, pursuant to the issuance of a conditional use permit.

A. Major events where the available onsite parking is not adequate to serve the event.

B. Expansion of the existing camping area. (Ord. 914, 2008)

18.10.060 Supplemental use standards.

Where applicable, the following supplemental use standards shall apply to applications within the fairgrounds overlay district:

A. Administrative and business support service uses must be associated either with the Island County Fair or with a regular user of the fairgrounds.

B. Child care uses must be operated by either a nonprofit group or a public agency.

C. Circus uses are limited to three events per calendar year for three days maximum duration.

D. Food and beverage service uses must be associated with an event sponsored by an approved principal use.

E. Human health and welfare services are limited to those conducted by a public agency.

F. Live entertainment events not associated with the Island County Fair are permitted only with a city of Langley special event permit and may be conditioned with respect to lighting, hours of operation, noise levels, site policing or other event activities.

G. Temporary warehousing, storage and distribution uses shall be limited to less than one year of consecutive duration. All such uses must be located within buildings that are typically in use by the Island County Fair during fair time.

H. Disaster or emergency response staging uses may include such temporary activities such as a public address system, heliport, communication equipment, command center and temporary housing.

I. Applications for conditional uses must specify the location, duration and scale of the proposed use.

J. All uses within the fairgrounds overlay district that generate Washington State sales tax must apply for a city of Langley business license and report all taxable sales.

K. Each use must comply with applicable building and fire codes as they apply to building or grounds in which the use is located. The building official must approve all occupancies.

L. Commercial sales, product testing and/or demonstration shall be limited to five such events per year and three days per event. (Ord. 914, 2008)