Chapter 18.18


18.18.010    Land uses.

18.18.020    Repealed.

18.18.030    Repealed.

18.18.040    Minimum lot size.

18.18.050    Maximum density.

18.18.060    Maximum height.

18.18.065    Maximum lot coverage.

18.18.070    Setbacks.

18.18.080    Repealed.

18.18.090    Requirement to connect to city water and sewage systems.

18.18.010 Land uses.

The table in Section 18.09.010 identifies the allowed land uses in the NB district. (Ord. 1004 § 4 (Exh. E), 2014; Ord. 788, 2000; Ord. 771, 1999; Ord. 733, 1997; Ord. 696, 1995; Ord. 572, 1990; Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.020 Secondary uses.

Repealed by Ord. 1004. (Ord. 989 § 4, 2013; Ord. 771, 1999; Ord. 754, 1997; Ord. 703, 1995; Ord. 696, 1995; Ord. 687, 1994; Ord. 597, 1991; Ord. 591, 1991; Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.030 Conditional uses.

Repealed by Ord. 1004. (Ord. 846, 2004; Ord. 771, 1999; Ord. 754, 1997; Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.040 Minimum lot size.

Minimum lot size in the NB zone is 5,000 square feet. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.050 Maximum density.

Maximum density for residential development in the NB zone is 15 dwelling units per acre; and further, any land area containing wetlands and/or streams shall be deducted before calculating the development density for the property. (Ord. 696, 1995)

18.18.060 Maximum height.

Maximum height in the NB zone is 25 feet; provided, that the height may be built to 30 feet with a pitched roof if the lowest part of the pitch begins no higher than 25 feet. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.065 Maximum lot coverage.

A. There is no limit for maximum lot coverage in the NB zone, except as required per Section 18.18.070 and as set forth in subsection (B) of this section.

B. Single-Family Use Only. The maximum lot coverage is the maximum percentage of surface (exclusive of sensitive areas and submerged lands but including required buffers) that may be covered with materials that will not allow percolation of water into underlying soils. The maximum lot coverage percentages are as follows:

1. Lots 10,000 square feet or less: 40 percent;

2. Lots 10,000 to 43,560 square feet (one acre): 40 percent for the first 10,000 and 30 percent for all area over 10,000 square feet;

3. Lots over one acre: 25 percent. (Ord. 771, 1999)

18.18.070 Setbacks.

Setbacks in the NB zone are:

A. Street: none except 20 feet when abutting a residential zone;

B. Side yard: none except when abutting a residential zone, where the setback shall be five feet and shall include a sight-obscuring screen which may be either a solid fence or vegetation which reaches a height of eight feet at maturity;

C. Rear yard: none except when abutting a residential zone, where the setback shall be 25 feet;

D. Where a lot abuts a public or private alley, the setback shall be 10 feet from the center of the alleyway, and in no case shall a structure be erected closer than two feet to the alley right-of-way;

E. All parts of the structure or building including, without limitation, cornices, eaves, canopies, sun shades, gutters, chimneys and flues shall be considered in calculating the location of the structure or building in determining compliance with the setback requirements of this section. (Ord. 788, 2000; Ord. 569, 1990; Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.080 Binding site plan.

Repealed by Ord. 1004. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.18.090 Requirement to connect to city water and sewage systems.

All development in this zone is required to be served by the city’s public water system and sewage system, except as otherwise addressed in the city code. See Title 13 for connection requirements. (Ord. 1004 § 4 (Exh. E), 2014; Ord. 820, 2002; Ord. 771, 1999; Ord. 527, 1989)