Chapter 18.24


18.24.010    Scope.

18.24.020    Noise.

18.24.030    Lighting.

18.24.040    Odors and gases.

18.24.050    Particulate matter.

18.24.060    Vibration.

18.24.070    Electrical interference.

18.24.090    Waste disposal.

18.24.100    Open storage.

18.24.110    Maintenance and alterations.

18.24.120    Investigation and compliance.

18.24.130    Enforcement.

18.24.010 Scope.

All uses shall comply with all of the standards set forth below except:

A. When a temporary violation is caused by circumstances beyond reasonable anticipation and control of the operators of the site; or

B. When a temporary violation is necessary to protect the health and safety of persons and property under circumstances not caused by the operators of the site. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.020 Noise.

Noise emanating from any use shall be muffled so as to not become objectionable due to intermittent beat, frequency or shrillness, and where use is within or adjoins a residential district. The sound measured at the lot line shall not exceed 50 decibels between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. and 70 decibels at other hours. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.030 Lighting.

Lighting shall not be used in such a manner that produces a glare on public streets and neighboring property. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.040 Odors and gases.

The emission of obnoxious odors of any kind or any toxic or corrosive fumes or gases shall not be permitted. Dust created by a use shall not be exhausted or wasted directly into the atmosphere. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.050 Particulate matter.

A. The emission of smoke or particulate matter of a density greater than the standard permitted by the NWAPCA (Northwest Area Pollution Control Agency) is prohibited at all times, unless a permit is issued by the city.

B. Dust and other types of air pollution borne by the wind from such sources as storage areas and roads shall be minimized by landscaping, paving, or other acceptable means. Emission of particulate matter in excess of 0.2 grains per cubic foot of conveying gas or air measured at any property line is prohibited.

C. The rate of emission of particulate matter from all sources on any property shall not exceed a net weight of one pound per acre of property during any one hour. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.060 Vibration.

Vibration shall not exceed three one-thousandths of one inch displacement applied to the frequency range of zero to 5,000 cycles per second, as measured at any point on the boundary of the property from which the vibration is produced. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.070 Electrical interference.

All mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment shall be shielded to the extent necessary to prevent electrical, magnetic or radiological interference with the use of any equipment or process on abutting sites. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.090 Waste disposal.

No organic or inorganic waste materials shall be disposed of or permanently stored or placed on the site. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.100 Open storage.

All storage of materials and equipment except licensed motor vehicles shall be within fully enclosed buildings or surrounded by screening. Materials in process shall be stacked, sorted, or arranged in an orderly manner. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.110 Maintenance and alterations.

All buildings and other structures shall be maintained in original condition with respect to exterior appearance. All additions to existing buildings, new structures, alterations and major maintenance which affects exterior appearance shall be subject to the same review and approval process as originally followed in approval of the principal structure as per the adopted Uniform Building Code and Uniform Fire Code. All landscaped and open space areas shall be kept free of litter and debris. All plant material shall be kept thrifty, free of disease, dead material and weeds in landscaped areas. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.120 Investigation and compliance.

If the mayor has reasonable doubt that a business or use is, or can be, conducted within the limits of the above performance standards, it may require that the user or proposed user retain, at his expense, an independent, qualified, testing laboratory of experts, acceptable to the city, to make an analysis of the use to determine its compliance with the standards and make the results of such analysis available to the city. If the site operator does not provide the required analysis within 30 days of the request, the mayor shall initiate such investigation and bill all expenses thereof to the site operator. (Ord. 527, 1989)

18.24.130 Enforcement.

In the event the analysis indicates existing or impending noncompliance with these standards, the city building official or other authorized official shall require the user or proposed user to either institute remedial measures to bring the use into compliance or to cease operation. Further enforcement shall be as per Chapter 18.42. (Amended during 2013 reformat; Ord. 527, 1989)